3DS is Possibly One of the Most Poorly Designed Nintendo Platforms

Nintendo does a lot of things right and a lot of things wrong. Unlike many companies, when they do things right, they do them not only effectively but uniquely. But when they do something wrong, things go horribly wrong.

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Kamikaze1352658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I don't see why the D-pad wasn't placed on the top and the analog on the bottom and they didn't include a second analog on the right side. I wouldn't mind a little extra bulk if it meant I could control my games better. Also, why aren't the Home, Start, and Select buttons raised?

Another issue I have is that the bottom screen runs at a lower resolution than the top.

Ulf2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

The 2nd analog costs money, and that's it, as far as Nintendo is concerned.

They still make a profit on the $169.99 pricetag, if that's any indication of just how far they will go to profit from brand loyalty. They probably figured they were doing the gamer a favor by adding a single analog stick to begin with... even though gamers screamed for years (with the PSP) that *two* analogs were necessary for game control if you were to utilize that schema at all.

The 3DS is hardware was designed primarily by businessmen who want money via quick stockholder-pleasing actions, not gamers who like making money via making quality products. That's sadly been true of Nintendo hardware since the Wii "revolution" began.

Nintendo was once the king of gaming quality, catering to the finer tastes of the dedicated gamer. No longer. Now their goal is just money... or what they think will make them the most money in the shortest timespan, anyway. I would even go as far to say that their actions (since the Wii's release) are downright dishonorable, when it comes to their hardcore fanbase, with rare few exceptions.

Kamikaze1352658d ago

I agree and it seems like they've been like this for a while. Now it just seems like they're being cocky about it and not even trying anymore.

Wenis2657d ago

Yeah Im definitely dissapointed about the second analog fiasco. I wanted to get a 3DS soon, especially with MK3DS coming out here in a couple of months, but Im not going to get that horrible add-on. In other words I'll have to wait until next year for when they bring out that rebranded 3DS or whatever it will be. At least they're admitting to their mistakes I guess.

ronin4life2657d ago

Seeing as how the Wii has the lowest failure rate of the three home consoles by far, I wouldn't say that's the case.
And while I feel the 3DS dosen't feel quite as sturdy as the DS, I don't think there's anything wrong with it otherwise.
Also, a second stick couldn't cost but so much. They just didn't think they would need it. And third parties proved them wrong, which explains why capcom is so deeply involved with the peripheral.

Rrobba2657d ago

Nintendo don't profit from the $170 price tag, they are selling at a loss.


Other than that, I agree with what you said.

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Gray-Fox-Type02657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

that add on is despicable. no one should back that crap up. Wow if they release a redesign with the second circle pad that is going to be one big betrayal for the early adopters.

KwietStorm2657d ago

So basically damned if they do, damned if they don't.

TheMyst2656d ago

Nintendo let the success get to their heads just like SONY did when the PS3 launch. Seriously, I mean, so many blunders as of late. After the massive success of the Wii and DS I would have expected Nintendo to be much better poised for next gen. Guess they weren't. That's the problem with going casual. When you loose the core audiance (even though there are far less of us than casuals) you have a big problem.

jacksheen00002657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

The Circle Pad is one ugly looking peripheral. Heck, it looks like a tumor that needs to be surgically removed from the 3DS.

3GenGames2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I don't think it looks bad, although I don't have a DS either. And the DPad was placed on bottom maybe because you'd use it less and the top would be more comfortable for more games. Yeah it screws you for games that only use the dpad, but it can't be 100% perfect.

PCE2657d ago

The 3DS looks fine but with that fugly piece of shit circle pad accessory probably designed by Crapcom, it would be an eyesore.

KwietStorm2657d ago

The fuck does Capcom have to do with anything? What are you talking about?

PCE2656d ago

Go search on N4G. There was an article about the possibility.

maniacmayhem2656d ago

The second analog was released for Monster Hunter on 3DS. Even though you dont need it to play it's recommended.

WhiteLightning2657d ago

It is pretty bad...

Why can't most people admit it though, people quickly jump in to defend Nintendo with out thinking about Nintendos poor decision. When Sony/Microsoft does something wrong were quick to comment at what they've done but Nintendo get's a free pass. No company is perfect but we should be able to say when they've done wrong.

The point is that circle pad should of been on from the start, if Nintendo wern't so bothered about a gimmick to sell their handheld they could of focused on the design and what people have been asking know the whole "We want a second analouge stick on our PSP", Nintendo could of jumped in on the chance but didn't

ronin4life2657d ago

They made some mistakes. That can't be denied.
But when all anyone else says about them is so seemingly baised and negative, it can be hard to not want to jump in.
Also, having a second stick could hurt the chances of developers utilizing the touch screen, as you need a stylus in one hand to use, so that could be why it was left out.
And there's another thing. When Nintendo screws up, nobody analyzes what what went wrong and why. People just start hating, and that never helps.

maniacmayhem2656d ago


A free pass from who? There has been nothing but doom articles about the Big N as of late. When Wii was going on there was nothing but "no 3rd party support" or poor sales of 3rd parties stories throughout N4G.

Then look at some of the past posts for all Wii articles. Its the one place where fans of 360/ps3 come together and unite to bash the Wii.

I think the one system that takes the most crap on this site is the Wii. It has less interest on this site unless compared to 360/ps3.

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