Uncharted: Drakes Fortunes - PS3 Informer Preview

The reviewer writes:

"The graphics in Uncharted are nothing short of fantastic. The PS3 really brings the lush jungle scenery to life and the team goes light on the bloom (Guess I can stop wearing my shades while playing) but the real treat is the characters. They stumble, wince as bullets fly by them, clothes get wet when in water. Even the characters themselves seem so life-like that I half expect to see them while walking down the street. It's these little nuances that really bring Drake's Fortune to life."

"You know a game is good when you're supposed to write a preview for it yet can't tear yourself away from your game system. Such was the case with Uncharted. How many times exactly did I play it? I don't know. I lost count. All I know is that I dreamt about Uncharted and come Nov 19th (or 15th if some rumors are true) this game'll be in my PS3. (Sorry COD4, but I will return)."

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achira4054d ago

fantastic game indeed. i love the demo!

eagle214054d ago

His friend played the DEMO of Uncharted and left his house to buy the 40GB for it. My bud said, "the game comes out on Nov. 19th!" His friend said, "I want to play the DEMO in my own house till then." The DEMO is a system!

jackfatal4054d ago

and this world is not always beautiful and COD4 show the not beauty part

The_Engineer4054d ago

winning the gaming world back one game at a time.

Toixer4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

I am really impressed and actually had "real" fun for the first time on the ps3. Shooting is a lot better, than Tomb Raider.

Thanks Naughty Dog for making it possible to play for us Europeans!

sajj3164054d ago

My wife was sitting next to me when I started the Uncharted demo asked me if this was a new CG movie during the plane crash scene in the beginning. I looked at her and smiled. Once you are in control of Nathan Drake in the jungle, I started moving around. My wife looked surprised. That opening jungle was amazing. The lighting and animation were top notch. This is the real deal folks. This is next generation. Playing this and Call of Duty 4 reminded me of what it was again. This is after playing Halo 3. The last time I felt as though I was playing a next gen game was Gears of War.

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The story is too old to be commented.