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'It can't be for nothing': EW revisits The Last of Us

3d ago - EW: Video games are often praised for their potential to expose players to experiences they would... | PS3

The 5 Saddest Non-Story Moments of 'The Last of Us'

4d ago - The Last of Us is a game known for its powerful story, its atmosphere, its ease in controls, and... | PS3

Why David Cage should play The Last of Us

4d ago - TR writes: David Cage. Oh, David Cage. David Cage the studio head of Quantic Dream whose driving... | PS3

The Last of Us: Game of the Year Edition may be coming soon

4d ago - Based on a listing, The Last of Us: Game of the Year Edition may be coming soon for the PlayStati... | PS3

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The Last of Us - Alone Fan Film

5d ago - Titled The Last of Us - Alone, this fan film comes from Melbourne-based YouTube channel Pocketsqu... | Culture

Sony and The Last of Us dominates UK August charts

8d ago - The latest report from GfK Chart-Track shows Sony's action horror adventure drove sales for the m... | PC

[High Five] 5 game-inspired movies with potential

9d ago - Games based on movies are not known as the best option to satisfy your gaming needs. Movies based... | Culture

Shawn Knows Who Should Play Joel In The Last of Us Movie

9d ago - A while back Shawn wrote an article stating he knew who should play as Nathan Drake in the Unchar... | PS3

Now You Can Play The Last of Us in Resident Evil 4

12d ago - Ever wanted to play The Last of Us in other video games? Maybe. Probably not. But if the urge eve... | PC

The Last of Us Remastered review I GameLuster

16d ago - Simon Smith from GameLuster takes a look at The Last of Us Remastered. | PS4

The Last of Us: The Movie

16d ago - Article observing whether Hollywood will do a beyond mediocre adaptation of the hit Playstation v... | PS3

A Cataclysmic Dawn: Writing About Multiplayer

18d ago - EGMR writes: "Online multiplayer has gained massive traction in the mainstream gaming community s... | PC

Countdown - Top 10 Female Protagonists

21d ago - Geoff, Ray, and Michael go over the top 10 female protagonists in video games. | Culture

Is The Last of Us Worthy of the Hype? | Black Oni Blog Review

21d ago - Beware the Cordyceps: Is the Last of Us Worthy of the Hype? Check out this review to find out! | PS4

The Mix In The Last of Us

22d ago - A long interview with the audio experts at Naughty Dog. | PS3

The Last Of Us Was An Exploratory Gameplay Experience At Some Point In Development, Says Dev

22d ago - Did you know that TLOU could have been a very different type of game, as it was more "exploratory... | PS3

Naughty Dog Shows The Secrets & Tricks of The Last of Us' Bloody Melee Combat and Synced Animations

22d ago - One of the most spectacular aspects of The Last of Us and The Last of Us Remastered is its synced... | PS3

The Last of Us and Its Place in Postapocalyptic Fiction

27d ago - The Last of Us is a video game marvel. We dissect the game as a work of postapocalyptic fiction. | PS3

Gamers@Play The Last Of Us Remastered Review

29d ago - Gamers@Play writes: When The Last of Us was released as a PS3 exclusive in June 2013, people were... | PS4

Exploring The Hype – Fighting Through The Last of Us

30d ago - IM PLAYIN takes a look at the hype surrounding The Last of Us as they play through the remastered... | PS3

PS4 Game Release Dates

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The Last of Us: Proof PS4 Ports Are Easy? - Podcast Beyond

30d ago - IGN - Devs were saying porting a PS3 game to the PS4 would be hard, so is The Last of Us proof th... | PS3

Does Every Game Really Need to Have Multiplayer Content?

31d ago - Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Lately, it feels as though there has been a large sh... | PC

The Last of Us: Free Maps and New Weapons

32d ago - By Eric Monacelli: "Happy Friday! We’re pushing a patch today (view full notes here) that address... | PS3

The Patch #67

32d ago - The Patch Discusses Swatting | Culture

The Last of Us Factions – New Weapons Today, Free Maps this Week

34d ago - ND Writes: "For PS3 players, patch 1.08 will be made available globally over the next 24 hours. P... | PS3
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