Unreal Tournament 3 Single-player Campaign Preview

As the latest marquee entry in the long-running Unreal Tournament multiplayer mainstay franchise, Unreal Tournament III has had its coverage weighted almost entirely towards its multiplayer mode. Still, developer Epic Games--you know, the studio that brought you Gears of War!--has claimed several times that UT3 has a more substantial single-player than any main UT entry has yet.

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ErcsYou4061d ago

i might play the campaign mode....if my modem broke.....

Skerj4061d ago

Glad they're taking the single player more seriously now with the story but I wish the dude would have stopped talking and comparing everything to Gears. This is the engine's namesake game, been playing it since the first Unreal then became addicted to UT99 like a fomo, it's going to be hard to balance my time in the next coming months.