Xbox 720 or PS4 on shelves by 2014 - Just Cause dev

Having just launched a US-based studio focusing on next generation game development, it's perhaps unsurprising that Just Cause maker Avalanche expects to see one or both of Xbox 720 and PS4 on the market by 2014.

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nopunctuation2555d ago

Yeah this sounds right to me.

WooHooAlex2555d ago

I agree, early 2014 is the latest we'll see them IMO.

I'll say early 2013 for the successor to the 360 and holiday 2013 for the PS4.

QuantumWake2555d ago

Eh, I don't think it would be early 2013 for the next Xbox. I doubt MS would want to miss the holiday season. Especially with Black Friday, Christmas and whatnot.

I'm still going to keep my prediction: Holiday 2013.

Dramscus2555d ago

late 2014 for the ps4 maybe even 2015 if their really smart.

The playstation three is still kicking and by the looks of things it's sales will just be hitting their stride in the next few years. They'll probably just sit on it till year nine or ten before putting out the text console..

I mean really their still selling millions of ps2 each month. Their not going to announce another console when they haven't even discontinued that one.

Fat Onion2555d ago

Agree...Xbox 720 Holiday 2013. While PS4 will be trying to launch as early as possible in 2014....may end up being around October 2014.

I hope Xbox does not do something dumb like nintendo and make some proprietary drive that does not play me it seems like a proprietary drive and proprietary disc would cost more.

Mr Tretton2555d ago

I don't know why people keep thinking Sony will launch last. I mean, I get the reasoning, it's just bad reasoning. They can't afford to do that.

MS and Sony, head to head, 2013.

Nes_Daze2555d ago

Interesting..I'd say 2014 would be at the latest for a console launch at this point.

KRATOS-PS32555d ago

I'm fine with my PS3 for at least 3 years from now.

Istanbull2555d ago

Thats what I was thinking, I don't want a PS4 for the next 3 years.

gypsygib2554d ago

I was like that in 2004 when I playing PS2 and Xbox 1....then I saw the next gen games in person and wasn't so fine with the oldies anymore

BeOneWithTheGun2554d ago

Well said, Gypsygib. I could care less until I stumble across game footage and then I go into "WANT" mode.

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The story is too old to be commented.