Volition: Constructible environments "next logical step" for GeoMod

Volition are currently preparing to unleash Red Faction: Armageddon on the world. Once again, it uses an iteration of the company’s GeoMod technology – an impressive piece of development kit that has nevertheless always had limitations.

GeoMod focuses on destructible environments. But in the first two Red Faction games, only rocky surfaces could be blown apart, and even then not everything could be blown apart. In 2009′s Red Faction: Guerrilla, it was only human constructs that could be blasted down, and not the rock itself.

So what’s next for GeoMod, if it seems the engine will always be limited in this way? It seems like it could be the opposite: building stuff in-game, rather that knocking it down.

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Simonkey752675d ago

The idea of turning this into a genuine sandbox game where you can put things together as well as blow them to kingdom come sounds brilliant. Like Garry's Mod on a massive scale.

RudeSole Devil2675d ago

Heck yeah I can't wait to download this on my freaking PS3 when it come back, but by then the game will be out!

lzim2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Indeed but that is the problem, Garry's mod does satisfy this genre minus that it isn't a what you'd call mainstream boxed product with enough unique content and updates. work would remind me of Red Faction meets Fracture meets Garry's Mod.

At least with a Red Faction flavor it would have a possibility at a campaign (building and managing colonies?! :} !!!

While maybe even encouraging Valve to develop GMod/concept as a boxed product or similar IP? let people build their own games within the framework of a 3D destructible/contructible world.

palaeomerus2675d ago (Edited 2675d ago )

Well think about it more like parts that work together. You want to built a helicopter base so you build a foundation, a generator, a control shed, a pad, supports for the pad, a fuel pump, a parts storage shed, a fuel tank, steps, railings, etc. You make the pad too big and not enough supports and it collapses because rudimentary phyics are in place. You have a budget to purchase parts and materials with so you need to choose the right materials and nor over build. You'll want to leave room for expansion. Building on a slope will be a bad idea. Put in a radar and an anti-aircraft gun, expand the nearby road, etc. I think it will be like that.