Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for August 2017 any good?

Neil writes "So here we are with the start of a new month on the horizon and a number of new games being gifted to all Xbox One and Xbox 360 players via the Xbox Games With Gold scheme for August 2017. With the free gifts of recent months having been criticised by many for their lack of quality and excitement, does August manage to build on past offerings?"

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Sonic_Vs_Mario135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

yeah, All the games are playable on Xbox One and you'll get to keep those Xbox 360 games with gold forever which imo is worth the value of a gold subscription

2pacalypsenow135d ago

They are asking if the games are good, not if you can play them on Xbox.

narsaku135d ago

Slime ranger is one of the highest rated games on steam, and Trials Fusion's not far behind. Everyone knows this with a single glance of the reivews for the games, right?

..Cloaked clickbait flamewar article, that's what this actually is.

Bronxs15134d ago

@sonic vs Mario
Good comment. Sharing valuable information that not many people would know.

Funny how u get disagrees tho. Salty fanboys mad their system doesn't have backward compatibility and doesn't let you u keep the free game forever even if you don't renew your subscription. It's sad how they disagree with u for just sharing positive news for gamers.

lxeasy134d ago

their are some good games in there for sure

opinionated135d ago

Best batch of the year on any system. Kudos Microsoft.

Razzer135d ago

Not even the best batch this month, but hey.....opinions

135d ago
Monster_Tard135d ago

It's not bad imo, but there has been better months, even just including this year.

March: Layers of Fear, Evolve Ultimate Edition, Borderlands 2, Heavy Weapons.
June: SpeedRunners, Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed III, Dragon Age: Origins.

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How can they even ask this ridiculous question? A better question would be is your article worth the read. Answer: No

bluefox755135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Tfw an Xbox website isn't fanatical enough for the staunchest of Xbox fans.

Shadyceaser135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

This is a bad month for me as I own them all.
But this was going to happen eventually.

No complaints, every other month have been awesome....

The benefit of having both services is sonys offerings are very good this month.

Don't know why people complain about these services .... They keep giving me stuff for very little money ...

Gman32135d ago

Yeah the two xbox360 games are good

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