Red Faction Armageddon's Singleplayer is 12 hours, Multiplayer is 30 hours.

@XG247: Red Faction Armageddon's length will give you a lot of game time during the madness of the E3.

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NnT32912676d ago

It'll be 20 hours for me then, i just love to play with the magnetic gun xd

Joni-Ice2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

Got my Red Faction and inFAMOUS 2 paid off from Amazon. Release Day Delivery baby.

EDIT: My back Log of games is ridiculous. I have over PS3 250 games however this Saturday my Vanquish is being delivered. I just got LA Noire day one and Crysis 2 when BRINK came out. Now Red Faction and inFAMOUS 2. With all the other great titles coming this year along with NPG......So glad the world didn't end.

EDIT: @ Himdeel...Hell yeah, I buy ALL my games from Amazon. I save sooooooo much money. Just pissed that I wasn't hip to Amazon years ago.

himdeel2676d ago

I did the same thing Joni-Ice. I'm looking forward to the Hero Edition and this game on the 7th. Likewise I'll probably also be putting 20+ hours into this game.

I'll be playing on the hardest difficulty and taking my sweet time. Also with the coop mp I know I'll be playing this game for a long time regardless of when I finish the campaign.

BeastlyRig2676d ago (Edited 2676d ago )

soo multiplayer is a good 5-7 days..

joydestroy2676d ago

wow! think i'll buy this for PC for sure now

EliteAssass1n2676d ago

Multplayer is essentially Horde-mode from gears of war. There's is no competitive multiplayer like there was in RF: Guerrilla. No buy for me.

Paralex2676d ago

This isn't better than CoD so this is a no-buy for everyone.

Joni-Ice2676d ago

Its sad to see the people effected with the disease COD. Gotta know how to control it.

Danniel12676d ago

Nice job flying the flag for gaming diversity.

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