XBLIG In-depth: Proj-5 only as ambitous as its developer

Extra Guy writes: Microsoft’s Indie Games branch on the Xbox Live Marketplace may be full of games to choose from, but few are as ambitious as Proj-5 looks. This 3D platformer already looks to have a level of polish rarely attained by its peers and it’s being made by just one person.

The project, whose current titles is a code-name, is from the mind of developer Taurice Couser. Couser has brought two titles to XBLIG already: Chalked and Dot Error. That said, he is no stranger to the developing and publishing process.

“Chalked pretty much taught me how to make a game,” Couser says. “Dot Error taught me
to only make games for myself – that I’d play. There’s a bunch of actual programming knowledge I gained from both equally.”

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