Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Update) PSN Demo Confirm and Official website launch

Evan Wells-Co-President, Naughty Dog: Hey there everybody! Wanted to let you know that we hit Beta on Sunday, September 16th! That's a huge milestone and it means we're one step closer to finishing Uncharted. The team really pulled together to help achieve this deadline and we couldn't be more excited about the progress we've made. Finally, most everything is in the game and we are just chasing down the last bugs and making a few minor balancing tweaks here and there.

We've had our last major focus test week last week too, and we received the data we need to make sure that the gameplay is finely tuned for our final release. This is a process that we take very seriously here at Naughty Dog and something we've been doing since the Crash Bandicoot days. We test the game over the course of a week and track a huge number of statistics from the types of weapons used, the amount of time spent in each area, and the number of times the players died. We then use this data to smooth out the difficulty and fix any puzzles or layouts that are too tricky to figure out. This will be the fourth time we do a full focus test like this and we are actually going to squeeze a final mini test in right before we Gold Master to make sure a bug didn't creep in to mess up our tuning.

It's also at this stage that a bunch of people in the office who have been so busy making the game, finally get a chance to sit down and play it. A lot of people have been so heads down that they are discovering areas in the game they'd never seen before. And because the cinematics are usually some of the last elements that go in, most people haven't really seen the story unfold in its entirety. Our own Naughty Dogs make great gameplay testers too!

So we have a little less than 4 weeks to go now, but our bug count is actually shrinking instead of growing. There are going to be a lot of late nights ahead of us, but we're finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. And as a sign that we're almost launching, the official game website has gone up - Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

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Violater4064d ago

" Evan Wells | October 3rd, 2007 at 9:48 am

Yes, we will be creating a downloadable demo for the PSN. We don’t have a final date on when it will be up, but it will be before our release date."

Sooon I hope

HeartlesskizZ4064d ago

o yes he would get the demo soon maybe two weeks before launch or something. I just want to play it!!!!!!

nasim4064d ago


good news :_ FOLKLORE gets a 9/10 from IGN


AAA this OCTOBER confirmed. also ratchet and clank is also coming up this october

Razzy4064d ago

The PSN will meltdown when the Uncharted demo is released on it. Can't wait! :)

LSDARBY4064d ago

cant wait,

is the only single player though?

Violater4064d ago

Thank GOD, there are eeeenough multi player games coming out this fall.
Enough prepubescent teens screaming crap in my ear.
Games like uncharted and ratchet will be a much welcomed break.

Kotaku4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

yes it is. atleast for now. this psn demo was confirm to me by a friend who is working with them back at TGS, he did not told me when but he also said soon b4 launch.

The Idea of multiplayer was scratch from the beginning. but they want to see how well the game debut and see how fans will feel or not the need of multiplayer. Also if the game sells well they will make another one, that was said on an interview with that old lady, forgot her name.

Judging from what I played at tgs this game will be a strong hit this hollyday.

LSDARBY4064d ago

Thanks, true about there being loads of multiplayer games this fall. It will be good to have a good story driven game to play through.

Kotaku4064d ago

the guys developing this game are cool guys just like the ones with God of War. Hopefully the wont drop the multiplayer and will deliver it VIA DLC.

HeartlesskizZ4064d ago

Nice to hear... I hope we wont have to wait for a second game for multiplayer. DLC will be great Idea =)

Violater4064d ago

what would the multi player be?
I'm just not convinced it would work.

HeartlesskizZ4064d ago

Multiplayer could be like story co-op or online maybe Deathmatch?

Shankle4064d ago

It would make an awesome multiplayer deathmatch, very different from frantic fps games. Sneaking through the jungle, hiding behind trees and in ruins, and melee combat! Instead of a simple rifle butt or knife slash, the players go into a frantic brawl with timed button presses and controller shakes! That would be so awesome! Although in a deathmatch both players would be very vulnerable to other players happening to be in the vicinity....

THX71684064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Co-Op might work. One plays Nathan Drake and the other plays the chick (Elena?)

Although, I don't know how big of a role the chick has in this game.

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squallsoft4064d ago

...couldnt come soon enough XD


Canidae4064d ago

This game looks phenomenal in every aspect. Can't wait to play it. Hope the demo drops on the 25th.

Komrad4064d ago

Please be totally awesome....

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