I'm Not Afraid of Digital Distribution

DualShockers Writes:" Okay, okay, so we’ve all talked about it at least once. The digital distribution renaissance; a forthcoming time where physical video game media will be no more and all game sales will occur digitally, with the used game business amicably crumbling. Most shun it while some embrace it, but everyone feels a little afraid. The consistently growing virtual consoles and downloadable games market, rumors of all game manuals going digital and the substantial growth in the used game market…it definitely leaves you wondering.

Fellow gamers, I will attempt to dispel these fears and enlighten you all as to why digital distribution is truly a revolution in games, and it should be welcomed with open arms instead of being something of nightmares. Some of you may ask why anyone would want physical copies of games to perish. It’s simple really – I detest the used game business."

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Letros3000d ago

DD is perfect for PC with an open platform, however it could spell out bad things for consoles with MS and Sony controlling every aspect of it.

evrfighter3000d ago

all your ancient physical media are belong to DD.

Though it wouldn't be hard for M$ and Sony to control the DD for their own platforms.

AKA3000d ago (Edited 3000d ago )

Because you will have it allways ready to download in any consolé at any time in your profile , even for future consoles.

it shold have a cheaper price since is just digital. And the freedom that psn account gives is fine 5liminted accounts and you cant play most of the same game in two consoles at the same time, but they shold take out that "24hr" penaltis is not smart or good and it will be a huge turn off if the future is only for digital.

zireno3000d ago

I like having the physical media more (cd,dvd, bluray, cartridges) I just feel like I do own stuff, but I also love collecting games and it's great to be able to show a sweet collection to friends instead of a HDD with everything in it, BUT I also like the advantages of having DD, so it would be awesome to have a combo (like many bluray movies these days) with the physical disc but with a code to also have a digital copy.