Sony Announces New PSN Services...For Australians Only

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has finally announced that Yahoo!7's catch-up TV service, titled PLUS7, is live.

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Nitrowolf22794d ago


WildArmed2794d ago

So I'm guessing I'm the only wondering why the title has three unnecessary full stops?

Either way, I dont really care about T.V. Streaming.
Netflix is good enough for me :)

Other then that, i have my DVR set to record the new episdes.

Speaking of episodes.. anyone watch the new Dexter EPISODE!


Kerrby2794d ago

I had a go on it today, nothing special on it.

ABC iView is better imo, unless you like shows like 'Better Homes and Gardens'. Pass.

It's good that us Aussies get more stuff.

hazelamy2794d ago

the three full stops are to indicate a pause.
so it's "sony announces new psn services" pause for effect "for australians only"

WildArmed2793d ago


I guess you missed my point.
Ofc they are there for a pause.

But, it really makes the title look unprofessional and also looks like it's downplaying the service JUST because it's for Au only.. oh wait it's N4G.

Carry on.

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Pedobear Rocks2794d ago

on Oct 12...But I didn't think GTV had content...I thought it was a search/app/internet overlay to your existing cable service...not an iTV service in itself.

Nitrowolf22794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Reason why it might be good
-Built in webbrowser, idk how good but it can't be worse then the PS3 current one right? i hope not
-better access to shows
- idk what else there are more just can't think of any right now

i find it interesting to see Sony is teaming up with Google on google T.V., but this is for their Sony HDTV. I hope they have plans to bring it to PS3

On the other hand there are many other places sony could work out with NA, i jst hope they don't charge like Hulu

pixelsword2794d ago

Sony just can't give us google tv; a deal has to be struck; and that being said, they probably did strike a deal with Plus7.

kwicksandz2794d ago

Hey sony, instead of giving us a TV streaming service in a country with terrible bandwidth caps how about you charge under $100 for a damm DS3?

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greenisgood2794d ago ShowReplies(2)
Raptura2794d ago

Australia? What's that?

KingKiff2794d ago

Better than America lol... /S

Please don't troll me

KingKiff2794d ago




Na just kidding y'all I love the yanks.

Peace out from down under.

Pandemic2794d ago

Someone's sh*t at Geography... Back to Primary school for you mr.

Bathyj2794d ago

Its like America, but without all the crap.

KingKiff2794d ago

It's like the same size as the USA as well, if not bigger.

A bit hard to miss on on the map.

No Mexican border for our big ass island either, or any borders for that matter HAHAHA.

Rhythmattic2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

Ever wonder why tassie is in the shape of a Merkin ?

I have no answer btw....

cayal2794d ago

I went to Tassie a few months ago, for all the crap it gets, it's a really nice place.

MORGiON2794d ago

We may not have mexicans but we do have kiwis

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westy5522794d ago

us Australians dont ever get s$it compared to the rest of the world, our game prices are higher priced. We dont get the services that other sony stores get around the world.

Go winge to someone else.

hikayu2794d ago

hell , even when ur paying more , ur getting less as the version australians gets are weakass no-blood games .

KingKiff2794d ago

What about us Aussies then?

Are we fail???

I think not.

AXOi2794d ago

A majority of Channel 7 shows consist of Australian made shows. Why would you even care enough to call Sony a failure?

Maccaz2794d ago

ABC - one step ahead of channel 7 everyday of the week.

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