How Character Names Change the Narrative Experience

Choosing your character's name can have a huge impact on your fundamental experience with a video game.

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Redempteur2724d ago

Dunno i left the default name because i want to live through a story ..

The only games when a Character name had any impact was ... suikoden 3 and persona 3/4

Persona because i had so many things to do it wasn't just a story i was following anymore

Suikoden 3 because i was creating a previous legend ( those who've played know )

Otherwise i prefer the regular name ( why change CLOUD name ? There is nothing to do with the characterafter wards aside équipement )

JamesDeRosa2723d ago

I always use default names.

bbretterson2723d ago

Me, too. Occasionally I'll use my own name, but that's just my ego talking. =)

2723d ago
kraze072723d ago

Almost always use default names except for games where I fully create my characters from scratch.