MS: Wireless N 'keeps Xbox ahead of PS3'

Microsoft has claimed that the Wireless 'n' capability of its new 250GB Xbox 360 'Slim' will help keep its console "ahead of PS3".

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SupeerSteebbi2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Just wait Microsoft, 5 years to go, just wait.

morganfell2610d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Xbox ahead of PS3? Uhm, which Xbox would that be?

What is the claim? 40 million Xboxes? Yeah, 40 million. Hey Microsoft, 40 million Xboxes say thanks for being a day late and a dollar short. Is this a free upgrade or do we do the typical hardware behind the power curve and buy again?

Noami2610d ago

the one they plan to release on 2013 w

2610d ago
3sq2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

The one you had to repurchase 6 times.

SyphonFilter2609d ago

lol butthurt M$ fanboy ,sony makes more money,M$ lost 1 billion on RROD alone and never made a profit last gen.

Proxy2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I play lag free online with my PS3 and the wireless router is on the other side of the house. I'm always open to improvement but I'm wondering what Wireless N has to offer a gamer beyond the lag free gameplay I already have?

AAACE52609d ago

My wife was just at Gamestop reserving some stuff, and she was shocked at how many people were reserving Xbox 360 Slims. They were even reserving Kinect for $150! Not to mention, since it's release, I have went to several stores and have been unsuccessful in actually seeing one. Don't know if that's because they haven't received them yet or if they just sell that fast. But the Gamestop employee told her that they had 2 shipments in already and they were gone in 10 minutes. But that could also be some of their BS to make people buy them.

chrisnick2609d ago

wireless to go with p2p pay for online service. MS stop treating people like they're stupid.

Christopher2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Sorry, Microsoft, but Wireless N is pretty much useless in the mass majority of households, let alone somehow a holy grail compared to current connection speeds that are already capped out with other wireless options.

People buy into Wireless N way too easily without realizing that the only strength it really has is extending the connection range and maintaining max connection strength at longer distances.

For multiplayer games, there isn't that much data being pushed that requires anything near the full data transfer rates of a Wireless N connection, let alone A/B/G.

And, if they're talking about downloading movies, there's a cap on the service provider's end that will restrict it more than on the user's end. My 20Mb cable connection is awesome, but I never get that type of download rate if I'm wired or wireless in the house because it costs too much to deliver it at that speed to everyone.

Microsoft, you're blowing smoke up the ignorant asses of the public with this type of comment. Your delivery service is capped by the speeds at which you provide the content, which isn't suddenly increased by a tenfold with the use of a Wireless N card. An b/g card is more than capable of capping out the download speeds of movies from the XBL servers.

Darrius Cole2609d ago

You left out one of the "free"s. It's not just lag-free, but free lag-free. It should be "I play FREE lag free online" meaning no lag and no money.


I live in Puerto Rico and the same thing is happening here. Its mostly 360 owners wanting to change their old rig. The number 1 question everybody asks is : does it RROD like the old model? i think MS is doing something rigth with it. And it is just make a fictious demand for the console. Look, every Gamestop near my house said they only received 2 or 3 XBOX 360 S. They told the people to reserve if they want one, this make the console seems in high demand... its just publishin PR. if MS makes every GS have at least 100 consoles per store the demand would not be as high...


Garnett2609d ago Show
badz1492609d ago

hmm...that user name, really? and you're just another xbox fanboy playing victim! oh why did I even bother. you'll just come out with another user name again!

morganfell2609d ago

5 different versions and they all had WiFi built in. Sony did it every time from day one. No need to rebuy a PS3 to get WiFi.

karl2609d ago

to stream bluray HD movies from my pc...

i can do 720 but 1080 has a bit of lag...

still... i probably will buy a movie an put the disk in my ps3 .. but from time to time i download some anime hd movie that i cant get anywhere else...

bostoner2609d ago

The two new SKUs that sony listed before E3 both had Wireless N cards. I forget if they ever detailed what came in each bundle but the two were identical to eachother except for their HDD space.

beardpapa2609d ago

I only use simultaneous dual band n wifi for backup/media streaming with several of my nas's. For gaming? G is adequate. I don't think they still sell B these days.

I think how they're calling "N" ahead is just marketing gimmick. The system would be ahead if they had excluded their proprietary hd in favor of user-changeable and included some form of blu-ray. It's not like they "have" to start making games on blu-ray. DVD9 can still be used.

Besides, if they're treating this as a re-launch... why not? They know people will buy the new S.

SaiyanFury2609d ago

My home network is n-band based. My router is a D-Link DIR-655 is the most comprehensive n-band router I've ever used. In my home theatre, I'm using a D-Link DAP-1522 wireless ethernet bridge. I connect both my PS3 and my original 20GB Xbox 360 model to it. My home theatre is completely n-based. Both my PS3 and 360 connect with n-band speed. I have more tech knowledge than the average person, but with a bit of knowledge, anybody can connect both consoles to n-band speed. I won't buy a new model of a console for it's wireless connectivity. As I won't buy Microsoft's 360 wireless adapter. My 360 doesn't have built in wireless, yet I've made it wireless with a bit of researched knowledge. I hope other people do similar research and do it themselves instead of relying on the companies to do it themselves.

sikbeta2609d ago


at least research first before talking about something you don't know, care or hate, like morgan said doesn't matter how many "versions" of the PS3 were made if All of Them are Built in Wifi...

Chubear2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

So what good is that when you still game on Peer to Peer? MS really knows how to dupe it's consumers who often are just totally oblivious.

So in year 5 they bring out a relaunch of their system to carry them into a pseudo next gen and they essentially try to make it PS3 that launched almost 4yrs ago but still doesn't have all the features of a PS3 from years ago. I thought the 360 fanbase love "teh features"? what happened?

Only the features on 360 matter like X-game chat and "forge" matter. Dedicated servers, Proxy-chat (a real ACTUAL online gaming feature), 3D avatar gaming forum space, BLu-ray, internet browsing capbilites etc etc etc all don't matter; ONLY X-game chat is teh UBER feature that kill ALL other features :/

Nice. Let the gullible be gullible. They deserve the shafting MS hands out.

Montrealien2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

"So what good is that when you still game on Peer to Peer?"

Not to be a prick but, Fat Princess, a game I love, says hello. And many of you are so cute when a pro Xbox article comes up on N4G. You guys take this so personally either attacking, or defending, a piece of plastic, its kinda scary. Try to remember its about the games, you would better spend you energy loving and praising the stuff you actually like, instead of attacking the stuff you hate. Eitherway, if you keep it up, it makes me and many others giggle so keep jumping through those hoops for our entertainment.

/on topic

Anyways, I don' t think the Xbox is ahead of the PS3 tech wise, but Xbox S is certainly a step in the right direction and people buying the S is getting what all of us should of gotten 3 years ago imho, better late then never. the only thing the Ps3 has now, techwise, for people looking for consoles is blu ray, and that is a pretty big advantage.

Tomdc2609d ago

wireless N is in fact everyone a good addition! I know your all think Microsoft can do no right.. but i have a bad connection to my wireless router from the PS3 in my room and only get 50% the speed i can with it downstairs. Granted it's hardly something that "keeps" it above the level of playstation but it's still a good feature believe it or not.

I love the way he says "keeps" as if it were above playstation in hardware terms anyway... that is quite funny.

HungPHAT2609d ago

Umm did this reviewer forget that the PS3 has a next gen Drive "blu-Ray" Cell processor that deveoplers are still saying it's power is limitless ! Werid , oh I forgot his pay check comes from MS just like alot other reviewer sites ...

rocky50001002609d ago

That may be so, but Wireless N is amazing for streaming stuff from your PC to your Xbox with the higher bandwidth.

Hideo_Kojima2609d ago

So just because they have an N router they are in the lead?

We just forget about everything else?

Like for example the fact the PS3 exclusives look better or that we have a blueray player built in?

Christopher2609d ago

***That may be so, but Wireless N is amazing for streaming stuff from your PC to your Xbox with the higher bandwidth. ***

So, you're telling me the future is in owning two devices, one of them not a console, instead of just doing it all with the one device?

beardpapa2609d ago

"That may be so, but Wireless N is amazing for streaming stuff from your PC to your Xbox with the higher bandwidth"

That may be so, but you'd still need a suitable finalized N router to take advantage of those speeds, otherwise you're just getting "I-wish-I-was-N" speeds which are mediocre compared to the real deal.

If you're just getting a real N router for streaming stuff to one device, then it's not a sound investment. Cheap $3-10 ethernet cable will save you $$$$ and is faster than the wireless alternative.

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Jamegohanssj52609d ago

Welcome to the next generation Microsoft. You've finally made it.


jukins2609d ago

lol funny his name is n4gisforps3fanboys but then he spurts out a 360 fanboyish comment. anyway tables seem to have turned first it was sony touting the features it had over xbox 360 while microsoft touted their games (should i call them theirs? lol). now sony has the content and still hardware advantage and now all microsoft is going on about it wireless n keeps them ahead. . . . .

scofios2609d ago

Correction they almost made it.

Sigh2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

sadly they're still not in next gen yet. They still don't have the bluray built in.

Shang-Long2609d ago


remember blu ray "isnt needed" for this Gen

rdgneoz32609d ago

@Shang-Long Yah, it isn't "needed", which is why some multi-plat games have had parts cut due to space constraints...

Pistolero2609d ago

bluray isn't needed for the vast majority of games....the few games that do need more space can usually use more than one disc.

playstation_clan2609d ago

the 360 didnt have built in wifi? am i dumb or maybe i dont care about last gen consoles either way. congrats