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Submitted by MattyF 2099d ago | news

Red Dead Redemption PS3 Lands Exclusive Content

Gamers are getting eager to play the upcoming Red Dead title and it looks like the PS3 version just landed a couple exclusive pieces of game content that may make multiplatform owners pick the PS3 version over the Xbox 360. (PS3, Red Dead Redemption)

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renegade  +   2099d ago
Nice... Can be free?
deadreckoning666  +   2099d ago
It looks free to me.
Trey_4_life  +   2099d ago
Man, i love my PS3 :)
Immortal Kaim   2099d ago | Trolling | show
Immortal Kaim  +   2099d ago
Why so many disagrees? Have people had better experiences with Gamespy servers on PS3, cause there are a tonne of complaints on the gearbox forums etc about borderlands, it is a legitimate concern. This bonus content is US only as well...PAL gamers always get shafted :(
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VoicesInMyHead  +   2099d ago
Fanboys maybe? Gamespy's a joke IMO
Ju  +   2099d ago
Immortal, how can your comment be anything but trolling ? Have you actually played the game on the PS3 and can report this based on your own experience ? Obviously not, because you want to get it for the 360...

It's your "duty" to warn PS3 owner, huh ? /s
Immortal Kaim  +   2099d ago
@ Zu
Why would I care if you get it on PS3 or not, I'm warning fellow PS3 owners about the Gamespy issue

It is a legitimate concern believe it or not for PS3 owners, no I haven't played RDR yet but going by past experience, Gamespy servers are horrible for voice chat.

Leave your fanboy bullsh*t at the door Zu, we are trying to discuss the pros and cons of each version for those who have a choice.
xabmol  +   2099d ago
@Immortal Kaim
What's wrong with the voice chat in Borderlands? I've platinumed that game and played all the DLC with friends and randoms. The only "problem" I've come across is not being able to talk during the loading screens. That ain't much of an issue in my book.
BeaArthur  +   2099d ago
I think it comes in the game box which would lead me to believe it's free.

I was getting the PS3 version anyways but this only confirms that it was the right choice.
Nicholas Cage  +   2099d ago
oh yea
man i gotta get the ps3 version.
Brewski007  +   2098d ago
They say in the article its free. . . so that kinda sums it up.
Alot of people seem to just read the summery on this site and not read the full article.
Probably will pick up mine on ps3 also.
ExgamerLegends2  +   2099d ago
Heck it better be free
I'm like Sony I dont pay for exclusive content.
corneliuscrust  +   2099d ago
You dont know
what deals go on behind closed doors. None of us do
dtalon3  +   2099d ago
your right EXGAMER!
yeah because rockstar just made some extra content flipped a coin and said "heads sony and tails Microsoft"...I guess it was heads eh?
Your delusional if you think this wasn't compensated for in some way.
erathaol  +   2099d ago
I'm confused. I bought it from GameStop, so am I getting the limited edition version and free bonus PS3 content? That would be mega sweet if I am.
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Spydiggity  +   2099d ago
shoulda got it at amazon. 20 dollar gift card and golden weapons pack. same thing for both versions.

as for this extra ps3 content...meh. it's nothing compared to getting to play extra content like in batman. this is just an outfit and place to sit.

i'm sure rockstar got a few bucks to add in this extra content, but it's not enough to convince me one version is better than the other.
Crazyglues  +   2099d ago
it's not limited edition it's PS3 version, so as long at you bought the PS3 version you are getting it.. (there is no Limited edition for North America.. that was just for the UK)
_____________________________ _______________________Back on Topic..

How Cool is that thou....

Always nice to see the developers showing some love to the PS3 version..

Since 360 seems to be getting all the love. (could just be because Microsoft is paying for everything)

-but this is pretty cool, can't wait to check out the game should be pretty amazing if all the reviews turn out to be true.. :)

The ballad of Gay Tony and Lost and damned were pretty good (they really cleaned up some of the things in GTAIV, the guns were amazing the boards or streets seem to be better optimized making it feel more open and smooth)-but it could be the fact that I switched to a 25inch HD 1080p monitor so don't quote me on that..

But even thou, I'm really excited to see what they did with RDR, since Rockstar seems to be getting really good at this open world thing..

They said it was harder to make an open world of this kind so I expecting a really big open world with some amazing Landscape shots. just stunning views, hopefully.

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Croaker  +   2099d ago
Wrong. There is in fact, a LE in the U.S. I know of for sure. As I have it pre-ordered at GameStop, which was a free upgrade.
teedogg80  +   2099d ago
Don't know where you get your information but the US is indeed getting the limited edition.

Edit: Limited...special, who cares?
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caliblue15  +   2099d ago
The gamestop edition is a Special Edition, not a Limited Edition.
caliblue15  +   2099d ago
Hey teedog, good reading skills.

What does it say under Red Dead Redemption....

Related image(s)
Trey_4_life  +   2099d ago
Lmao @ you guys failing to tell the difference between limited and special editions, it says it right on the box, DOH!
Crazyglues  +   2099d ago
OMG!!! why all the disagrees..... People
I come back from lunch and this is what I see, all these people hitting disagree...

So let me clear up what you don't understand, In the U.S there is no Limited Edition... what they did is take the UK limited edition and broke up the content for each of the three big stores... GameStop, Best Buy, and

So to be clear, there is no Limited for U.S instead you have specials for each store...

There are countless horses to be found in the massive world of Red Dead Redemption, but none is stronger, faster or tougher than the exclusive War Horse. Whether storming gang hideouts, exploring the wilderness for hidden treasure, or outrunning the law, the War Horse gives gunslingers an advantage in nearly every situation.

John Marston's "Deadly Assassin" outfit causes your Dead Eye meter to regenerate at twice the speed. With more Dead Eye, you have more time to place each shot with total accuracy, making you the deadliest gunslinger in any fight. - THE GOLDEN GUNS WEAPON PACK
The player who wields the exclusive Golden Guns receives more Fame for each kill. The more Fame you get, the more in-game side missions become available. So there will be more opportunities to duel, more kidnapped townsfolk to rescue and you can bribe lawmen for less.

So depending on where you pre-ordered you get one of those with your pre-order...

The UK Limited edition will get all three... with a SOUNDTRACK from the game.

Hope this clears this up for you guys... enjoy the game it will be awesome... Hope to see you guys out west....

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RedDevils  +   2099d ago
why you care so much about the disagree lol it's really just base on people opinion
Crazyglues  +   2099d ago
@ RedDevils
Yeah, I know I shouldn't care about disagree's but when people disagree -maybe it's just me but I want to know why? what did you disagree about? maybe I'm wrong - tell me what part you didn't agree with...

( I can learn something too, I'm not perfect, I would like to know what people don't agree with )

I know that sounds crazy but, it's the one thing I don't like about the site, people disagree and then never state why? Because I would like to know what they were thinking maybe I was wrong about something, but I have no idea because they didn't say...

too bad too because maybe they had a good reason but we will never know?
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BRG9000  +   2099d ago
I just disagreed because you were ending all your posts with an annoying ASCII PS3 logo...
ThanatosDMC  +   2099d ago
Just a tip. If you complain about disagrees, people would want to press disagree with your comments more because it's funny.
Mo0eY  +   2099d ago
Another tip: Bringing up a tip about people hitting disagrees because it's funny will earn you disagrees.
vhero  +   2099d ago
See exclusive stuff for ps3 is free as Sony didn't pay a dime for it exclusive stuff for 360 usually means paid because MS had to pay for the exclusivity.
WMW  +   2099d ago
sorry misread your comment.
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corneliuscrust  +   2099d ago
[citation needed]
Sony says they dont pay for exclusives, but no one knows what cheques are written. Devs tend to keep things as even and neutral as possible unless there is money involved.
WildArmed  +   2099d ago
I think Sony probably had some leverage in the franchise or something to get this treatment.
i dont think they'd just throw it in there.

Either it was paid, or loss of LA Noire exclusivity.. etc etc.
There was some politics involved. The world doesn't run on good will.
Nitrowolf2  +   2099d ago
well Can't be sure about Sony not paying them, But at least they don't go on out onto a stage saying "We bought exclusive contents" only to be timed Exclusive
BYE  +   2099d ago
Of course it's free...
You have to read the article to find out, appearently that's too challenging for some people...
isa_scout  +   2099d ago
so true
I f half the people on here would read the article instead of asking if it was free they would already know the answer and instead everyone could just comment on how mega-awesome this game is going to be...Duh
himdeel  +   2099d ago
Two outfits wouldn't be enough... sway me personally to one system. That being said free is nice...most of the time.
waltercross  +   2099d ago
2 outfits?

"The exclusive content will be Solomon's Folly Gang Hideout and Walton Gang Outfit -- according to the retail box."

Sounds like 1 Outfit and a new area?
Sarcasm  +   2099d ago
Reading comprehension.
himdeel  +   2099d ago
Wow put outfits instead of items...
..and the personal attacks begin. Oh well I stick to my statement it's not enough to sway me. But I guess this game and Batman say otherwise.
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xabmol  +   2099d ago
"Wow put outfits instead of items..."
Area <-- He said area.

Reading comprehension...
secksi-killer  +   2099d ago
oh well
im getting this for my 360 instead of for my ps3 because all my pals are getting the 360 version.

not really a major issue imo
xabmol  +   2099d ago
Wow, WTF??
Why do you have so many disagrees!? That is a perfectly unerstandable and legitimate reason to buy it on the 360. So many angry people on this site, sheesh...
mastiffchild  +   2098d ago
Unless it's all his mates disagreeing because they actually said they'd get the PS3 version? Or maybe people on N4G just know his mates better than he does? Who knows what power lies behind the disagree button? What's the point of the agree and dis buttons anyway? With the bubbles system isn't actual feedback sorted out in a way where you can say why rather than just hide behind the gimp button?

Nothing more feeble than seeing a reasonable comment spammed with disagrees but nobody bothering to post ONE reason why they DID disagree in the thread. Common decency people, it's just manners and it doesn't cost much. I ill say, though, that limiting people to three initial bubbles will up the disagree fairies input tenfold as folk get more precious about when they speak.
kunit22c  +   2099d ago
and unlike Microsoft Sony didn't have to pay for exclusive content, but on a more serious note I think that maybe they wanted to add this to both originally but the 360's DVD limit made it not possible to put it in, so they just put it on the PS3. This is a lkinda unlikely but still possible.
@ himdeel
are you kidding? Its more for if people have both consoles than they will buy the PS3 version, and if you have both and still buy the 360 version, than your just stupid, i'm sorry but its true.
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vhero  +   2099d ago
@secksi-killer - See thats the main deal for 360 and why games keep selling for 360. The lead 360 got is still hitting PS3 because of the reason you just stated. When I bought Bad Company 2 I played with only 2 of my PS3 friends because all my other friends who had the game got the 360 version. The reason?? They got the 360 first before the ps3 came out.. all there mates too are stuck in the same deal. They don't want to pay for a PS3 until there 360 does finally pop its clogs.

Usually like with me you build up a huge collection of games though and when it dies you don't wanna lose that collection and buy another 360 instead of moving to ps3.. However after 3 dead 360's and a crap load of damaged DVD's I traded all my 360 games and moved to PS3 and never been happier.
secksi-killer  +   2099d ago
i agree and disagree with what you say. although i love my ps3, i couldnt be without my 360 either. i love them both lol.

kunit22c: leave it out, afterall, it is only a couple small things, and definately not a huge loss. i said above you that i was getting this on my 360 for a certain reason. and ino, that reason is alot more important than the exclusive content.

am i stupid by the way?
SPARTANVI  +   2099d ago
Same reason. I only buy PS3 exclusives. Multi-platform games, especially those with online multiplayer, will most definitely go to my Xbox360.

My group of friends have been XBL members for over 6 years. It would be "stupid" to buy RDR for my PS3 while my friends play it on their X360s.
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creatchee  +   2099d ago
Seals the deal for me - I was torn over which version to get.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2099d ago
''The content is included for free and packed in the game's casing.''

The answer is in the article.
FanboysWillHateMe  +   2099d ago
I get most multiplatform games for the 360, but
exclusive content like this makes me get the PS3 version, just like Arkham Asylum.

BUT, this is a multiplayer game, so I still gotta go with the 360 version, cause that's where all my friends are.
niceguywii60  +   2099d ago
Why would somebody choose to play this type of game[heavily multi player] on the PS3 if they had a choice? I'm guessing there is something wrong with the PS3 version. Strange choice considering the 360 has two AAAs landing on that day. Must be timed.
ThanatosDMC  +   2099d ago
I swear somebody on N4G just posted a pic of the RDR box last night and wow... it spread all over and it even became an article. HAHAHA! I wonder if article writers keep their eyes on N4G... i guess so cuz i mean, HHG frequents the site.
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Steffl3r  +   2099d ago
Wish we could get tat on the 360, it'll be around later probably, this game looks like one they'll support DLC but i'll probably be paid.. Honestly though I'd prefer it on my 360 still over my PS3 just for Voice Chat when I play online with my posse
HypermysticsonicHMSX  +   2099d ago
Who doesn't love their PS3?
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HolyOrangeCows  +   2099d ago
Batman: AA and Dante's Inferno both sold more on the PS3 and that was probably thanks to the extra content they offered.

Can the same be said with a more mainstream Rockstar game? We'll have to wait and see.
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   2099d ago
playstation_clan  +   2099d ago
@Immortal Kaim
#1 wtf are u talking about
#2 good for 360
#3 my live membership is up so RDR is being bought on ps3
#4 how that 50mil on GTA looked, thats your money being spent
#5 (nelson laugh) HA HA
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saint_john_paul_ii  +   2099d ago
Immortal Kaim
thats because you are trolling...
Trey_4_life  +   2099d ago
I'm just licking my lips in anticipation of this game
ShinRyuHadoken  +   2098d ago
Ohh Yeah,

PS3 Rules!
Kevin ButIer  +   2098d ago
Rockstar <3 Sony = Epic win
RageAgainstTheMShine  +   2098d ago
so Rockstar and Sony are still best mates after all...
Rockstar love for PS3:

next stop: Agent.
Lucreto  +   2099d ago
I am surprised we have not heard about this earlier. If this was a MS exclusive they would be singing it from the rooftops.

It is the same with Lost Planet 2 with the Helghast skin.

@StixRemix below It is possible but I don't think the Joker is playable yet on the 360 verion of Batman AA. So it might stay exclusive bt I could be wrong on both accounts.
#2 (Edited 2099d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
BeaArthur  +   2099d ago
I think it's just a difference in the promotion philosophy of MS and Sony. Sony seems to have more of a restrained approach while MS will make sure everyone and their mother knows.
TheHater  +   2099d ago
I am sure SONY did play $75 million for this content :)

Hell yea.....I mean HELL NO!!!
And come on, have a sense of humor :)

Related image(s)
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wicko  +   2099d ago
Pachter? Is that you?
RageAgainstTheMShine  +   2099d ago
hah hah spot on!
RDR PS3 is a must get 4 moi!

Quality games all the time from PS3!
#2.1.3 (Edited 2099d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
Lou-Cipher  +   2099d ago
You couldn't be more right.
Sony doesn't need to rely on 3rd party DLC as much as Microsoft does. Sony is too busy churning out 1st Party content to promote another companys extras.
Elven6  +   2099d ago
If people don't know about it, the purpose is kind of lost, don't you think? Batman: Arkham Asylum exclusive content was advertised pretty heavily and it outsold the 360 version of the game in the end.
BeaArthur  +   2099d ago
I agree with Elven6, if it's there it might as well be promoted. It's not a matter of whether they need to rely on it or not, it's already in the box so they should promote it in case anyone is on the fence about what version to buy.
Lou-Cipher  +   2099d ago
Batman:AA is not a shooter. That is the #1 reason it sold better than the 360 version. Im sure the DLC helped, but The main reason it sold better on PS3 was because It wasn't a Call of Duty game.

Allthough you are right. It would mean more sells for Sony if they did promote the little things as well.
#2.2.3 (Edited 2099d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report
WMW  +   2099d ago
gta4 exclusive dlc was marketed alot and didn't make much of a difference for the 360. i don't think exclusive dlc matters to most people so i don't think sony needs to bother with paying for marketing that won't do anything like ms did with gta4.
RageAgainstTheMShine  +   2099d ago
like zero adverts for FF XIII PS3 version baffles me
same for RDR
Marquis_de_Sade  +   2098d ago
WMW, how can you make such a comment? GTAIV was the first GTA to be released simultaneously on Xbox/PS platforms so to make such a comment is ridiculous.
Nathaniel_Drake  +   2099d ago
Unlike MS I'm thinking Sony gives the developers the option of having to advertise the exclusive content rather than Sony
StixRemix  +   2099d ago
Looking forward to this game. I wonder if these will be released later as DLC for 360.
NYC_Gamer  +   2099d ago
it will most likely hit the 360 couple of weeks later
InfectedDK  +   2099d ago
Maybe, maybe not you'll never know unless it's the other way around.
renegade  +   2099d ago
Well it says exclusive content only ps3. Is likely will come to the 360.
guitarded77  +   2099d ago
Are we sure this is in-game DLC? I kinda sounds like PS Home bonus DLC like with the Batman AA Bat Cave personal space. If that's the case, then no XBOX wont get it.
rob6021  +   2099d ago
This is what PSBlog had to say about the PSHome unlockables in RDR:

"Red Dead Redemption (available for the PS3 on May 18th) will unlock exclusive outfits for your avatar upon reaching in-game milestones."

There's no mention of a 'hideout,' so it seems this is ingame content rather than PSHome stuff, although you could be right.

You have to wonder if the home stuff was also part of Sony's deal with R*/taketwo.. and you also have to wonder if R* gave sony a good deal because they simply couldn't fit in on the 360 disk.
AliTheBrit19  +   2099d ago
Well The Joker never did for Batman: AA

I got to admit, I always did want to try playing as the Joker.
dooge  +   2099d ago
I hope the price isn't ridiculous...Stimulus Package?
jack_burt0n  +   2099d ago
its free in the game case.
Indy-Pendent  +   2099d ago
at least its free in the game case for ps3....sorry xbox360.
Indy-Pendent  +   2099d ago
A Stimulus package should be free. The only stimulation that's coming from that is in Activisions pockets..The name of that package wasn't thought out too well. Who ever was in charge of the name of that DLC just needs
dooge  +   2099d ago
No doubt
jack_burt0n  +   2099d ago
total credit to : L3THALaSSclOwn on gfaqs 4 the pics.
KwietStorm  +   2099d ago
Thanks, R*
xYLeinen  +   2099d ago
Someone poke me!
This can't be true. Think they meant Microsoft and not Playstation >_> Since when did ps3 get exclusive content on multi platform games? Thought Microsoft was the company who threw money around securing that shit.
AssassinHD  +   2099d ago
This is not the first time. It happened with Batman: Arkham Asylum too.

Edit: Oh and Dante's Inferno as well.
#8.1 (Edited 2099d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
xYLeinen  +   2099d ago
well twice then.. Point being, this rarely happens and I don't quite understand how PS3 got this.
DKell  +   2099d ago
I garuntee Sony didn't pay for exclusive content. It's just Rockstar showing Sony a little appreciation
The-Only-Truth  +   2099d ago
Hahahahahaa, your comment made may day...
DKell  +   2099d ago
your welcome
The-Only-Truth  +   2099d ago
In fact, it didn't. It's called irony.
DKell  +   2099d ago
ok in that case Im sorry it didnt make your day
LordMarius  +   2099d ago
Toy Story 3, AC2
AliTheBrit19  +   2099d ago
What did Assassins Creed 2 get?
LordMarius  +   2099d ago
Those PSP weapons, but you needed to have AC:B
Gameplay999  +   2099d ago
I have both systems and this piqued my interest a little bit but it really doesn't seem like that big of a deal, a new outfit and access to a hideout which sounds interesting for sure but I'm probably gonna get the 360 version largely because of the controller, triggers in a western? I'm in. Now if they added in some SIXAXIS controls for the PS3 version, that could be very interesting.
Solidus187-SCMilk  +   2099d ago
It depends on the comparisons which one Ill get
but extra content is sweet.
Croaker  +   2099d ago
Exactly, Gameplay.
For me it comes down to this. Which system do I have more friends on. LIVE, that's where. I have two friends on PSN and 37 or so on LIVE. A lot of my LIVE friends are 'actual' friends. I know that 5 of them are going to pick this up day 1. Some that are the fence (until I bring it over to their house that is) and a few that don't care for it.
I too prefer the 360 pad over the PS3's. This is just personal preference, it just fits more naturally in my hands.
Plus there'll be DLC for both systems. And honestly I'm sure that the two versions will look identical. R* has the talent to pull that off.

Still I am intrigued by this promotion or lack there of. Now if the outfit was the hunters outfit, I might have been swayed. I knew everyone would vote for the cliche assassin's outfit.
divideby0  +   2099d ago
not that this content matters to me, this was a PS3 buy for me anyway...playing BC2 on Live now
AliTheBrit19  +   2099d ago
Rather annoying... Again

I wanted the Joker for Batman too, but wasn't about to change my usual routine of Xbox 360 for Multiplats and PS3 For exclusives for a little bit of DLC.

Ah well, if it had been on the scale of full expansions I would probably be swayed to get the PS3 Version. But I can live with missing out on an outfit and hangout.
Croaker  +   2099d ago
It's funny how everyone disagrees with your opinions, however I'm quite sure that if you'd have switched up the words a little along the lines of: "I always buy PS3 games for both multiplats and exclusives, and just buy some of the 360 exclusives" You would've gotten 4 agrees with 1 disagree. Funny how that works on this site...
Timesplitter14  +   2099d ago
You refuse to get the PS3 version just because of your routine? Come on, man...
peeps  +   2099d ago
ye but if the guy prefers playing games on his 360 he'd only switch to a ps3 multiplat if there was significant dlc for it.

this is a nice little bonus but not worth switching platforms over imo, especially if he has mates to play with on the 360's online...
Odin777  +   2099d ago
Why does it matter if I disagree with him? It's not like I'm being malicious about it, I just don't agree.
mcnablejr  +   2099d ago
lol .
i love how everyone is so suprised by this.
JonnyBigBoss  +   2099d ago
Gotta love the Trey. Thanks Rockstar and Sony!
Meave  +   2099d ago
I'm still getting the 360 version, given Rockstars past performance on the PS3 and the fact that all media has been shown on the 360 is enough to convince me..
ape007  +   2099d ago
the "RAGE" engine
always ran better on 360, I expect RDR to be the same case if R* didn't enhance it on ps3

anyway, everyone has his own decision,,I hope everybody is having fun with RDR, game look like a beast, I will most likely get the 360 version
dalibor  +   2099d ago
If I had both systems I would get more games for the PS3. Simply b/c they are harder to scratch thanks to the coating on the data side. We all have our reasons but that is what I would do if I had both consoles. And use the system that you have more online friends with.
My imput that is all.
Lirky  +   2099d ago
I noticed most versions that were shown were the 360 one, im ready to see the ps3 version and how rockstar utilize the blu ray space i hope theres a 2-3gb install too so that it allows faster saving/loading and an overall better experience over its competitors. But then again its equal on both platforms since its the same game.
jack_burt0n  +   2099d ago
360 has bad screen tearing issues, ps3 uses quincunx and the install is 600mb.
Rowsdower  +   2099d ago
I'm getting the 360 version
and I will downloading the game to the hard drive. With GTA IV it seemed to cut down on load times and I thought I observed less environmental pop in (but I could be wrong about that).

Cant wait, I'm sure no matter which console you buy it for it will be awesome.

to jack_burton:

I've searched all over the place and I have not found any tech specs of the game, except ones that simply copied and pasted the specs from GTAIV and assumed RDR would be the same. If you go by that info it also states that RDR's resoultion is:

Xbox 360 - 720p native
PlayStation 3 - sub-HD (1152x640)

just like GTAIV.

but all the sources I could find had no sources of their own, so I'll wait till post release so we can get some real info
#15.2 (Edited 2099d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
Indy-Pendent  +   2099d ago
will be a marvel of software yes it will be of great awesomeness.
ape007  +   2099d ago
well said
that is one overlooked point, the 360 optional installs, better loading,less heat and no pop-in (in gta4 as far as im concerned)
nycredude  +   2099d ago
WTF are you people talking about. This is about RDR not GTA4. Get with the times man and stop the stealth troll BS. We get it you like the 360 move on now. How about my excuses for getting it on the Ps3 and it has nothing to do with how many friends i have on it, the resolution, content or lack there of. I just feel much more comfortable that my Ps3 will last long enough for me to finish a game that is likely to last 60 plus hours, plus it doesn't sound like a jet engine when on, unlike my 360.
Obama  +   2099d ago
hmm first off we don't know if there's a difference in resolution between the two versions until the game is out.

Secondly I find it interesting that you guys suddenly care about resolution; did that stop you guys from buying Alan Wake?
jambabie69  +   2099d ago
and i thought
ps3 fanboys like ya self didn't play "teh salez" but yet look at this, and look who is all in that posting it up.

btw ya name on here isn't so popular anymore, ya stats are dropping
GAM3R7l  +   2099d ago
"Red Dead Redemption will also feature some exclusive to hopefully sway the consumers mind towards the PS3 version. It did work with Batman and the title ended up outselling the Xbox 360 likely due to that reason"

Really? Got some kind of "magic data" that proves that was the reason?

And, BTW...just like with GTAIV:EFLC....this won't remain "exclusive" for long anyway. ;)
Vip3r  +   2099d ago
I wonder if Sony paid Rockstar $75 million for that DLC?

ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2099d ago
The thing is that Sony is smart with the DLCs.
#17.1 (Edited 2099d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
djfullshred  +   2099d ago
It really doesn't sound like much extra to sway someone to buy a different console. It sounds like one of those extra goodies that doesn't really make much difference in the game.
waltercross  +   2099d ago
The article said it might sway someone to buy the PS3 Version if they have both consoles.
mja12345   2099d ago | Spam
chasegarcia  +   2099d ago
@corneliuscrust(4rth comment)
Thats what she said lol
#20 (Edited 2099d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
boysenberry  +   2099d ago
Great news! I was going to buy the PS3 version anyways. I hope the Xbox 360 doesn't get the DLC :)
humwha  +   2099d ago
Frys deal 49.95
no extra content but decent price
chasegarcia  +   2099d ago
amazon has it for $60 with a $20 gift card.
RATSCOUSER  +   2099d ago
Is the exclusive content a special day 1 patch that will let the game run online on PSN, I own both consoles (and a PC and wii) but I'm getting this on the 360 because PSN has been a joke on GTA IV, a joke on Battlefield Bad Company 2 and the biggest joke of all was Fifa 10 on PSN. Sony need to sort out it's online service or multi owners like me when given a choice will not buy the PS3 versions.
#24 (Edited 2099d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
Sarevok  +   2099d ago
How is it a joke? mine works just fine when I play online games.

Please do tell.
CernaML  +   2099d ago
Bad Company 2? Pretty sure it was worse on Xbox Live for those few days. It was always fine for me on the PSN.
#24.2 (Edited 2099d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
mookins  +   2099d ago
DirtyLary  +   2099d ago
Being a owner of both consoles, I'm still getting it on XBOX.

1) I remember reading GTA had issues with the PS3 and PC ports since it was developed on the 360, I want to avoid that.

2)I think the online playerbase will be bigger and last longer on XBOX.

3) More friends getting it on XBOX than PS3. I'll stick to exclusives on the PS3.
Rowsdower  +   2099d ago
i have to agree with you
on the 2nd point.

When I play MAG and Uncharted 2 the multiplayer community is quite small, so small that in both games some multiplayer modes are all but abandoned. I know I'll get disagrees but that does not change the fact that domination in MAG (the 256 player gametype) and the modes besides deathmatch and plunder in Uncharted 2 are all but dead. On the 360 its never hard to find a multiplayer match, even with games no one purchased like Bionic Commando.

I only purchase PS3 exclusives on the PS3, multiplayer multiplat games I choose the 360 since most of my friends own a 360.
#26.1 (Edited 2099d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(16) | Report | Reply
bjornbear  +   2099d ago
i don't know about MAG
but where I am, i've had NO problems with uncharted2 MP on DM or Plunder =/ i have a harder time getting decent people to go on co-op hard, but thats it..
Rowsdower  +   2099d ago
perhaps i was unclear
in uc2 deathmatch and plunder are the only healthy modes.

objectives and ranked, are all but dead

what is your psn id, mine is


i am always up for UC2 coop, the new dlc is awesome in coop arena, highrise with survivor and siege mode is amazing.

Also the post by


is incomprehensible yet he gets agrees, its almost like an abstract poem, you see in it what you what.
#26.1.2 (Edited 2099d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2099d ago
Community Online is Irrelevant for both consoles.

Doesn't matter if the community is bigger than the other console. The Community is bigger in both consoles, that you will always play with random people and last longer in both consoles.
#26.2 (Edited 2099d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
DORMIN  +   2099d ago
This game is different than GTA
Apparently there is no lead console and there were two separate teams working for each console.
sixaxis  +   2099d ago
well, this time with red dead, its developed on ps3, and ported to 360.
peeps  +   2099d ago
i would say i'm surprised at the disagree's but unfortunately not :(

but all valid points lol

in the same way that i'll get ps3 version cus

1) prefer trophies

2) more friends have ps3's and i know a few of them are really excited about this game

GTA4 on ps3 wasn't too bad though tbh but i do think 360 ran a bit smoother
josh14399  +   2099d ago
im getting the ps3 version anyway.
frankymv  +   2099d ago
As if I needed 1 more reason to pick this game up......
crazyclown  +   2099d ago
ps3 guaranteed...
DelbertGrady   2099d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
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