Project Natal Can Learn From the Player's Actions

SoftPedia writes: Project Natal, Microsoft's motion tracking solution that does not use any form of handheld controller, is set to be launched at some point during the fall of this year and the software giant is planning a big event on June 13 during which it will talk about the videogames that will accompany it. But until then, some more details about the overall plan the Redmond-based company has for its new toy were offered and they point to a system that can actually learn and adapt after it is installed.

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NateNater2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Oh NoEz!! It hAz a MiNd oF iT's OWn! KiLL It!!!! kILL iT NaO!!!


El Botto2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

This E3 Natal proudly presents...

Ricochet balls 2010 (with redesigned AI challenge!!)


the 1985 classic "Burn Out". Race like its 1985 all over again!

But wait, thats not all. Before you think that thats all we have in store, guess again!

Natal comes bundled with "MS paint" (so you can replicate that Elephant from last years E3) and Rare's exclusive Natal game: Viva Pinata 'whack da mole'

New slogan.
Natal. Great fun for the entire family!


Actually bots. If you havent noticed already, PSMOVE is vastly superior to Natal. Just like everything else on the PS3.

Wrathman2788d ago

i bet you cant wait to wash your monkey with move

rezzah2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

lol, one step closer to Skynet =p

lol wrath I bet you cant wait to hit giant balls with your face.

NateNater2788d ago

I'd like to see Microsoft show this kind of stuff more instead just that Ricochet game over and over again.

Natsu X FairyTail2788d ago

e3 1 month and a few days away.

Hallmark Moment2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

They don't need to show more. Come E3 the industry will be a buzzing/blazzing as planned. I don't think they wan't to kill the impact of Natal at E3 so PS3 fans can size up the competition before the show. You'll just have to watch both Microsoft's E3 shows. You know it's going to be big when fans of other consoles are more focused/worried about Microsoft's show(S).

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Kratos Spartan2788d ago

Doesn't seem reasonable. That kind of tech sounds a little more expensive. Of course no price has been set yet, but these analysts guessed $50? For a "living room experience"? A camera that can learn? From Microsoft? Do I need to go on?

Hallmark Moment2788d ago

Disagree? I checked his Bio and read some of his comments.

He will have to wait for more until E3 like the rest of us. 360 fans are excited and know Microsoft will deliver so we are patient. PS3 fans are the ones always bitterly voicing they are sick of the ball game. Why is there always more of the people that are sick of seeing Natal stuff always outnumbering 360 fans in Natal articles?

corneliuscrust2788d ago

Do you guys always feel the need to pull this cheap shot BS

It's always a pssing contest here. It's not necessary.

distorted_reality2788d ago

@ Kratos Spartan -

The actual Camera has nothing to do with what the article is talking about. That would ALL be software side, not hardware. I know what you mean about MS but the camera itself doesn't have to be something amazing to be usable for this sort of thing as long as the software is well written.

DelbertGrady2788d ago

E3 doesn't count! It will ONLY have Ricochet and that's it. No other games. It's a carbon copy of the Eyetoy and M$ won't have anything at all to show at E3. Can't it just go away? It's threatening. I don't want to read about it anymore. I wish it didn't exist.

...Oh! Sorry. Nevermind me, I was just reading the mind of a nervous fanboy.

Army_of_Darkness2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

from hitting big red balls non-stop to becoming a learning computer?! HAHAHAHAH! I can't wait to see this!

@soda.. for a second there, I thought you converted to the way of Sony... Buuuut Nevermind.

TreMillz2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

I just hope me and my bro don't end up looking like this on camera while playing it...

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SKCShifty2788d ago

Project Natal is the right step in to the future, Everything will be made possible with Project Natal the possibilities are ENDLESSSSSSSSS. The choice is yours u can either leave in the PAST or Jump in to the FUTURE...........Future is Project Natal that's where i'll be Odios amegos.

Pennywise2788d ago


Main Entry: odi·ous
Pronunciation: \ˈō-dē-əs\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin odiosus, from odium
Date: 14th century

: arousing or deserving hatred or repugnance : hateful <an odious crime> <a false and odious comparison>

^ It's Adios. Thats all.

NateNater2788d ago

SKCShifty no hablas espanol

Godmars2902788d ago

If only to stop all this speculative bullsh*t.

Godmars2902788d ago

If you're against Natal you'll want to see it fall flat on its face, see the kinks the sheets of hype armor MS will have it behind at its presentation, and if you're for Natal, believe that it can do all that's promised, you'll want the proof that will shut up the nay-sayers shown.

DelbertGrady2788d ago

So, there's no middle ground? Either I have to hate it with all my heart or I have to worship it?

What about not having any real opinion about it until I've seen what they will show at E3? Or is that too rational?

Godmars2902788d ago

You're either sick of hearing it being deified with no proof, deifying it which includes ignoring it being aimed at casual gamers or that the hardcore will need a standard controller, or you just plain don't care. Once its released and there's a title that will attract some honest attention, not have some douche making excuses for or poking holes in it.

kaveti66162788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Correct, Soda.

For fanboys, there is no middle ground. They either love something or they hate something.

None of the 360 fanboys say that Halo is a great game. They all say that Halo is an AMAZING game.

None of the PS3 fanboys say that Uncharted 2 was a great game. They call it a MASTERPIECE.

When you're a fanboy, you either love something enough that you want to suck on its proverbial c*ck or you hate it so much you troll the internet forums calling it a failure.

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