Most memorable shooter screens ever

Which screenshots were the most memorable in the genre of shooter PC games so far? PCGH made a personal collection of pictures from games like Crysis, Max Payne 2 and Doom 3 which in their opinion were legendary at that time.

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Stuart57563036d ago

Some good memories there, nice piece of nostalgia, thanks.

Projekt7tuning3036d ago

I got all teary eyed. The Unreal 1 shots got to me. When that game came out in 97-98 it was the Crysis of the day. I had a rev A imac at the time, the Bondi blue one. It had a special port inside of it that you could add a special WizardWorks 3dfx Voodoo 2. The 1st imac came with a 2meg ATI rage card. LOL I had to buy 4 megs more of video memory. The Voodoo2 card was the sh!t. Quake 1 and 2 looked so good in Glide, but damn, Unreal 1, 2, and Unreal Tournament Wow!
Then Quake 3 Arena. My Voodoo 2 had some trouble maxing that game at 1024x768 with trilinear filtering, so had to back it down to 800x600.
By 2000-2001 I had a duel processor G4 500 power mac. That one came with a 16 meg Ati 128 rage pro in its AGP slot. I drop kicked that and put in the first Radeon card with like 32 megs of ddr ram. the power mac had a whopping 768 megs of ram, and back then when I was doing video editing and design work, that was a lot of ram. When I got that power mac, Daytona beach just got Broadband internet. I was in Heaven with my cable internet running at a staggering 1.5mbit. I just went to the new 50mbit lightning Doscis 3.0 form 22mbit. Funny thing is I still pay the exact same price I did in 2000. With my G4, Radeon, 19in Sony CPD E400 monitor, and cable connection I was kicking everyone's ass in Unreal tournament, and Quake 3 Arena.
Before Unreal came out, I remember the cover of a magazine called Next Gen had a screen shot of Unreal on it. The best part was the magazine said "actual screen shot". That magazine went belly up, but im pretty sure they became the official Dreamcast magazine, then Xbox mag. Dont quote me on that but it had the same writers and art style. Maybe someone could verify that for me. Anyway those screens brought back a lot of good memories. But they also kind of made me sad because they make me realize how old im getting. :(

vhero3035d ago

Duke nukem forever?? Seriously?? A pic from a game that never existed?? Plus they lost all credibility by adding the shot from COD4 and 6.

ProjectVulcan3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Ahhhhh....but which impressed you the most first time you saw it? Doom 3 for me was gobsmacking. That shot is etched into my memory, first seen in 2003 remember- it was a quantum visual leap at the time. A year later, far cry 1.4 HDR on a 6800 ultra (gotta remember that) was astounding too

What Would Kratos Do3036d ago

I've played all of them.

and I've just woken up to the fact that i'm a geek.