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5 Famous Video Games That Were Banned Outside of the U.S.

15d ago - 8CN: It's December 5, 2014 and, (for all you history nerds out there), that means it's officially... | PC

31 Days of Horror Games: Manhunt 2

66d ago - A different kind of horror altogether, Rockstar’s controversial Manhunt series became infamous fo... | PS2

7 Asylums in Games Guaranteed to Make You Crazy

150d ago - Outside Xbox: "In an ideal world, a mental hospital would be a safe, calm sanctuary where qualifi... | PC

The 10 Biggest Gaming Controversies

180d ago - In the world of video game development, attracting attention is a necessity whether good or bad.... | Industry

Are you bored?

Now - Watch 10 seconds videos about games and game culture at COUB Gaming... | Promoted post

Most Memorable Deaths in Gaming(Part 1)

307d ago - The past couple of decades in gaming has provided us gamers with some of the most gruesome and sa... | PS2

GH’s Top 10 Most Brutally Violent Video Games

310d ago - Gamer Headlines writes: "As Valentine’s Day is upon us, taking a deep breath and drinking a glass... | PC

Grand Theft Auto V is Out - Where Does Rockstar Go From Here

443d ago - Grand Theft Auto V is finally here, and as much as I am enjoying it, I am already looking forward... | PC

Stealthy Sunday: A Motion-Controlled Manhunt

490d ago - In this week's Stealthy Sunday, OmniGamer takes a look at Manhunt 2 for the Wii and see if motion... | Wii

6 horror games we would like to see on PS4 and Xbox One

577d ago - A list of 6 horror games we would like to see on Next Gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One). | PS4

Grand Theft Auto: LCS and VCS PSN Download Sizes Revealed, Manhunt Games to PS2 Classics?

628d ago - Thanks to April Fools being filled with lots of hoaxes and false information, the amount of legit... | PS3

Gaming's Dark Side: The Most Controversial Video Games of All Time

702d ago - | History tends to repeat itself, and with video games under scrutiny in all levels... | Culture

Brashcast: Episode 10 – The Halloween Special

774d ago - Brash Games writes "Liam and Ross take on the scariest videogames and movies ever made while Just... | PC

PSP Horror Titles Feature- Manhunt 2

808d ago - Modern Zorker writes, "Continuing the horror titles on PSP from the third issue of Gaming on Batt... | PSP

the Top Five Mature Rated Game franchises

972d ago - Mature rated games are easy to come by these days with all of the War shooters everyone is playin... | GameCube

Why Video Games Need to be More Violent

993d ago - From the editorial: "Parent groups, politicians, and religious fanatics have... | Culture

10 video games sure to horrify parents

1002d ago - CA News: 'We thought it would be an eye-opener to look at these particularly racy games and how t... | PS2

10 Games Only Horrible Parents Would Let Their Kids Play

1011d ago - Maxim writes: We’re not telling you how to raise your kids, but if you let them play any of these... | PC

New Titles Added to PSP Power Sale

1203d ago - Last week Tecmo Koei Europe revealed that a new sale on their PlayStation Network line-up would b... | PSP

The Worst Developer Scandals Ever - NowGamer

1245d ago - NowGamer kicks off a week of controversy with a look at the biggest developer scandals ever. Slea... | PS2

Manhunt 2 no longer Available on PC

1259d ago - After the game's removal from D2D service, PC gamers can no longer buy the Adults Only rated titl... | PC

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Bytes That Bite Back – Violent AO Titles

1273d ago - Theinkandpen writes "Take a look at the real bad boys from the past gaming era, where blood, gore... | PC

5 of the worst rated PS2 games that f*cking rocked

1308d ago - Ever heard the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Well here’s 5 games that have... | PS2

The History of Video Game Violence

1675d ago - Iain Warren of Gamekudos writes an article on the history of violence in the video game industry.... | GameCube

Manhunt 3 Canceled Before It Even Gets Started

1700d ago - GFB writes: "After speculation about a possible sequel coming out for the Manhunt series, it... | 1,2,3

D2D Spring Sale Week 2 Includes 75% Off GTA IV

1707d ago - Direct2Drive's Spring Sale continues into Week 2 today, offering big discounts on over 20 titles... | 12
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