Manhunt 2: View the footage you were never meant to see

Games Radar: "We've found a nice, long, completely uncensored version of the video lurking about the interweb's nether regions, so we thought we'd let you see, once and for all, what all the fuss is about:"

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freakyzeeky4030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

That was pretty hardcore...
*hears footsteps*
What the...!
*gets stabbed*

Gamespot-equals-EGM4030d ago

No wonder it was censored. That was pretty gruesome.

mesh14030d ago

we are livivng in a such P.C WORLD im 24 and this game although a bit gorey ios nothing compared to some movies/past games ive played w,what is the point of having rating system if games will be censored ,when a game says M for mature maybe the gaming boARD shud use ur peanut brains an understand M means kids shud no be allowed to buy it end off .ive never seen them censor ciggerattes that kids of 14 are buying from shops.i loved this clip if a game has thes death kills in any future game it amazing not that im sick bu ti know its agame

JsonHenry4030d ago

The game still sucks. You can add all the violence and unique ways to kill people you want - but the gameplay still has to be fun or it sucks. Much like this game does.

Alvadr4030d ago

Most of the deaths just look over the top and silly. Iv not really played these games as im more of a fps and rpg/adventure fan.

I can see why they censored it, kids shouldnt be allowed to play these games but the s**t for brains parents do not know any better. They wouldnt go out and their kids a XXX porno for xmas.

Vito44344030d ago

On xbox live I play against so many young numb skulls. I worry about those kids and the parents that do nothing to help them. Yea I am OK with my mental health but I can's say the same for the legions of overcompetitive, overweight, oversexed and sugar addicted gamers out there that solidify the stereotype. I would hate to meet some kid who played this game and forgot to take his retilin.

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ATLRoAcH4030d ago

The is pretty out there on the crazy f**kin' kill you scale.

freakyzeeky4030d ago

It was pretty brutal... :P

Bonsai12144030d ago

yeah, that was actually a lot more brutal than i expected it to be. i can see someone getting sued for something thats going on in this game.

CRIMS0N_W0LF4030d ago

I might hack my PSP to see this game uncensored. From what I learn from this game i'll use it on Jack Thompson

freakyzeeky4030d ago

I'm just afraid that the uncensored (hacked) version may give some ill-minded people the wrong ideas... :(

I would hate to hear news stories about teenagers killing others because a game like this has influenced them. I just hope gamers are smarter than that, that's all.

HateBoy4030d ago

In the words of James Brown: Only in America!
Seems only amricans get all nuts from video games, no? So no prob for me, I'm far far away, lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.