Manhunt 2 Leaked

A copy of the PS2 version of Manhunt 2 has appeared on torrent sites, allegedly having been leaked early. This download has not yet been confirmed as genuine, and feels is neccesary to remind users that it is illegal to download this file.

The source of this leak has not been revealed, although a 'Team Slonik' is taking responsibility for posting the file on the internet

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Syko4115d ago

I still wish somebody would have leaked the AO version of the game.

vidoardes4115d ago

According to the people who leaked it, this is a beta of the uncut version

Syko4115d ago

LOL, Guess I should RTFA next time. But still no help as I need an un-cut Wii version as it is the only console I have modified that can play "Leaked" copies.

MK_Red4115d ago

They claim it's the uncut version. I'm still mad on ESRB and Console makers because of how they forced RockStar into self censor.

Nameless4115d ago

If you cant sell it then leak it

4115d ago