The Top Ten Most Violent Videogames

AATG writes:

"There have been numerous videogames over the years that have courted controversy for the extreme violence they portray. Yet ironically, the types of games in question are typically labelled 'mature' in very deliberate inverted commas because they're usually anything but. And in actual fact, the word mature when applied to a videogame these days, generally means it will be loud, raucous, obscene and aimed at giggling teenagers who like nothing more than abusing all and sundry over Xbox Live with their racist and homophobic insults. But then occasionally, a game comes along that pushes the boundaries and uses violence as a very deliberate vehicle for delivering its narrative or subtext. Only very occasionally mind.

The point is that violence can be humourous and comical, it can be hard hitting and affecting and it can also be visceral and downright gratuitious. And videogames allow us to experience, interact and often initiate extreme violence safely and responsibly - though that might well be an oxymoron."

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WildArmed3519d ago

the new punisher for PSN will take the throne from its precessor?

(f u Akira)

SnuggleBandit3518d ago

God of war doesn't get a top ten?

WildArmed3518d ago

GoW3 will take the throne.
hail the god of War, Kratos ;)

Bits-N-Kibbles3518d ago

I'm surprised God of War didn't make an appearance. Actually I think I might play GoW2 right now.

ShabzS3518d ago

dead space and dead rising

DelbertGrady3518d ago

And Moonstone. And Barbarian. Most of you probably don't know what the hell I'm talking about...

Bnet3433518d ago

How the hell can you not have God of War and Ninja Gaiden 2 there?

MK_Red3518d ago

Agreed with both DR and DS.

Going old school? How about Splatterhouse trilogy (specially 2nd game)?

ShabzS3518d ago

havent played either of those man... cant judge it

II Necroplasm II3518d ago

what the hell is Soda talking about?

DelbertGrady3518d ago

Teh golden days of gaming. C64 & Amiga.

II Necroplasm II3518d ago

lol I know.
Just going along with what you said at the end of your comment.

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MK_Red3518d ago

Thrill Kill should have been number one IMO. Also, agreed with Shbzshar, specially on Dead Space which was a truly violent game.

no1safe3518d ago

I love this scene from American History X :D

And the list kind of misses Postal and some slasher like Ninja Gaiden or Viking: Battle for Asgard... Those hands and legs flying all around are unforgetable :D

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The story is too old to be commented.