Why would Natal need a motor and tilt?

GamesRadar: Photos have been leaked of a prototype version of Project Natal - and they show a previously unknown feature. The Natal unit itself will feature a motorised tilt mechanism. But what could this be for? And what else do the pictures reveal? Let's have a look.

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BubbleSystemSuck3134d ago

This is dangeorus... few people really read instruction manuals...

would we see a lot of "my Natal is broken" topics?

Or maybe is somethig to calibrate the camera horizontally

PirateThom3134d ago

I'd say it's for calabiration purposes, but vertically. I'm guessing, on start up, it will ask you to, maybe, raise your arms as high as you can, at which point it automatically adjusts to account for your vertical height.

This is purely speculation though.

IdleLeeSiuLung3134d ago

Most likely it is a warning and like many warnings, it isn't always the case. If you read any manual there are plenty of warnings, and it is there for the most part for legal reasons. Besides this isn't a finished product yet.

With that said:

"The instructions for the tester (and the point of them having the unit) ask that they pronounce 600 different lines of text for Natal to recognise. These range from turning on the Xbox 360 to 'connect to Facebook'.
Imagine this: "Xbox 360 on. Launch Video Marketplace. Play Showgirls. Confirm Purchase."... and there it is - and you didn't even have to get up. The couch potato market alone is going to be HUG"

Wut? That is awesome!!! The novelty alone is worth $100 purchase for me on day one! Game support or not!

3134d ago
Cevapi883134d ago

i agree with pirateThom to an extent...that would work for one person, but when you have multiple people how will it be able to track multiple movements?..i dont know how one motor can try to do that..the reasoning i have behind it is that the motor is used to calculate your height and size so that it can compensate space for multiple gamers on the tv..speculation only...we will find out at E3 what its functions and capabilites are....

i like the voice recognition a lot..this will probably be implemented in games....but we are a LONG way away from getting anywhere close to Milo

fear883133d ago

As much as a Wii system FYI.

inveni03133d ago

First of all, in response to the voice activation...I can hardly believe many people will use this. I, for one, have two kids, and it's hard enough to make sense of a phone call, let alone have a computer listen to my voice, only my voice, and ignore all of the background noise. I just don't see it happening. You know those places you call on the phone, and they don't like to let you enter numbers, so they as you to say something, like "Customer Service" if you want to talk to customer service...have you ever tried to do that with people talking in the background? It's always like, "Sorry, I didn't get that. Please say "Customer Service"."

GodsHand3133d ago

It's there so it can watch you while you sleep!

But yeah I agree it's there for calibration, like an automatic leveler used in construction.

King_of _the_Casuals3133d ago

The casual Market is gonna Eat this up!!!

catguykyou3133d ago

I would assume the motor is there for calibration. Not every house is created equal and it is probably difficult to get the camera to sit level with every set up. I doubt there any anything to it besides that.

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Godmars2903134d ago

Wouldn't a motor, especially used as a tracking mechanism, add a lot to costs?

Godmars2903134d ago

Then what happens when multiple people use it?

NateNater3134d ago

Those are good questions. Anyone have an answer for either one of them?

Kratos Spartan3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

be prone to overheating? Hmmm...uh oh

morganfell3134d ago

Yes, here is your no attention to the man behind the curtain.

OT, I would say that the tilt mechanism is there because Natal cannot detect axis positioning. It's 2D vs 3D and 3D will win every time.


It can be as cheap as a motor for a side-view mirror you find in most modern cars.

With motion capture cameras today it doesn-t have be overcomplicate hardware wise. It's the software that commands most, the hardware is important as far as you take into account that it takes a significant ammount of processing power, hence the own processors and such.

So price wise, I don't believe that, if it's final design, it'll add much anyway.

Now, on the reasons for it to be there, I'll agree with most as it probably is for remote calibration (would be a problem if you have to deal with it manually for every player, and there is always the chance of breaking while handling it, motors can fail, but they'll rarely try to tilt it beyond it's capacity).

It could also be, but less likely, a way to keep tracking if you are going a bit out of frame. That's the only other use I can think of now.

Qui-Gon Jim3134d ago

It's for automatically centering you in the image. Imagine if you're not quite centered and you have to walk up to the unit, adjust it, move back, see that you aren't quite there yet, repeat... Since Natal can know where you are, it can automatically do that for you. Especially if some games will allow you to be sitting and some need you to be standing. Bishop-br is probably right, too. It could probably be pretty cheap.

Godmars2903134d ago

So, just how inexpensive are the mirror positioning motors on a car? $5-$10 might be cheap on a $10K vehicle, but how much does that translate to something at $50?

And though I doubt such a motor would ever break, at least have a good lifespan, what I do wonder about is MS stellar hardware history. If they hired out to a sub-contractor who screwed up the pads on DVD drives, who knows what could happen this time around.

ASSASSYN 36o3134d ago

A "Tracking mechanism" in a camera peripheral are absolutely nothing new. And although $69.99 for the above logitech tracking camera was higher when it released it was around $129 similar to what natal will be.

DaTruth3133d ago

If MS had a contractor who screwed up the DVD drive, that would be a problem for the first launch consoles. There is absolutely no reason they couldn't have fixed that by now except that they are quite happy to have that problem.

It's not re-engineering the whole system, it is the most plentiful and distributed component in the whole machine and maybe the most distributed standard mechanism in the world!

vhero3133d ago

Yep a motor will add quite a bit to the costs which is an usual step as MS said they are trying to keep the costs down so it's a bit of a silly move to make this late in the development life. They must have felt a real need for it.

ASSASSYN 36o3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Late? For all you know this is an old feature. This is leaked information.

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Jedward-3134d ago

Natal just needs to be scrapped.

NateNater3134d ago

Yea that's not gonna happen...ever. Microsoft is putting everything they've got into Natal right now.

IRetrouk3133d ago

i wouldnt say they puttin everythin into it, its still a huge gamble.

evilmonkey5013133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

the only conclusion to your question that I can find is that you will literally be bouncing around the house flaggling your arms and legs in every direction possible going "pew pew pew" while the Natal device desperately tries to keep your body in sight.

Why didn't they just use a wider angle lens?

mjolliffe3134d ago

How many people really read the instructions? Not many, that's a fact.

NateNater3134d ago (Edited 3134d ago )

Well, I think a lot of people read the instructions. Just some people read them but don't really need them at all. So they could care less.

BannedForNineYears3134d ago

Read? READ?!?!?! GAH I HATE READING!!!!!!

NateNater3134d ago

Then why are you READING the comments? :P

kissmeimgreek3134d ago

The motor and tilt will probably help the camera get the best angle of the room. My bet is that there will be a calibrate option on the xbox that will let natal pick the best angle to see all of your body movements.

I really doubt the thing is gonna follow you around as you move...

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