Over 2 minutes of new Galaxy 2 footage - New levels, music, and more

Nintendo has released new footage of Super Mario Galaxy 2.

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Valay3165d ago

I think it's become clear that all Wii owners must purchase this game.

SpoonyRedMage3165d ago

Anyone who calls themself a gamer should own SMG and be getting this.

Ziriux3165d ago

Do you watch THe Spoony Experiment on

WhittO3165d ago

This seems more like an iPhone game haha.

This is what console games in 2010 should play like:

SpoonyRedMage3165d ago

@ziriux: Nah, the name comes from FFIV but instead Spoony Bard I'm a Spoony Red Mage.

@whitto: and yet Super Mario Galaxy is a much better game.

lets compare metacritic scores:
SMG: 97
R&C A Crack in Time: 87

and just for fun lets compare sales:
SMG: 8.58m
R&C A Crack in Time: 0.94m

smash-brother-103165d ago

Dont really know how anyone could think that ratchet and clank is better than Mario galaxy, unless of course you only have a PS3. And this is coming from someone who actually doesn't mind playing ratchet now and again, but SMG is leagues ahead

StanLee3165d ago

Mario and Ratchet and Clank aren't even the same type of game. It's not an either or choice. Stupid fanboy for even making the comparison.

Redempteur3165d ago

i have both ..while ratchet is nice for a quick fun, mario galaxy is just longer and has more variety ..

ChickeyCantor3165d ago

" @ziriux: Nah, the name comes from FFIV but instead Spoony Bard I'm a Spoony Red Mage. "

Its the same reason why the guy called himself Spoony =P

vickers5003165d ago


"lets compare metacritic scores"

And that is where you lost all credibility and made it public to n4g how much of an idiot you are. Don't feel bad though, you're among many others just as stupid as you.

ChickeyCantor3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )


In his defense,
Its N4G that cares for ratings, and sale numbers.
That was spoonys whole intention( correct me if im wrong spoony). Its called irony.
Look at the avatar, a game that wasn't received well by "gamers" and F them for that.

So by their own definition SMG kicks the sh/t out of that game.
But it also does just by being a good platformer =P


I never liked ratings, imo they are fueled with bias.
Every one was telling me that CB wasn't really received well and got a bit carried away. Now that i have finished the game, i can certainly say people are missing out on a great game.
[Selkies can handle it solo], I wish i could put a gun to her head...xD But she is a charming character as well.

Thats it, belle is my new avy.

SpoonyRedMage3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Yes, I'm really an idiot for being able to show that not only do I(and many others in this comments section) think it's better but so do a LOT of other people.

or lets see Gamerankings then:
SMG: 97.28%
A Crack in time: 87.99

It's easy just to dismiss what I say without refuting it and resorting to insults, which just shows a lack of maturity.

@^: That was the point, I was countertrolling. Especially considering my favourite Wii game is Crystal Bearers which has a metacritic of 64 or something. Nevertheless in most cases a metacritic score does usually show the general opinion about a game, even if you disagree(Which I regularily do)

WhittO3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

lol maybe it was a little "harsh" to say something negative about Mario ?

Sales don't make a game great so why mention that? and really, Metacritic can be just as unreliable sometimes.

I just like R&C, and think it is a much higher quality game (note I didnt say "Better"), in a number of ways.
I see most Wii games as inferior to what is out there today, the more time that passes the more it stands out to me, and not just in terms of graphics etc.

ChickeyCantor3164d ago

"Sales don't make a game great so why mention that? and really, Metacritic can be just as unreliable sometimes.


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-Mezzo-3165d ago

Thats It, I'm getting it.

George Sears3165d ago

Got to give props to Miyamoto for never making a crappy Mario game or usually any bad game from his multiple franchises. What a difference from him and his team compared to the Sonic Team.

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