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Gaming’s moral choices: 10 times you picked ‘evil’

3d ago - Decisions, decisions: Meet the games that prove it’s much more fun to play the bad guy. | PS4

Mario 64: Chaos Edition

12d ago - Kaze Emanuar created a version of Mario 64 that loads in a constant barrage of Gameshark codes as... | Retro

10 Great Remakes that Deserve Another Remake

16d ago - Remakes can be great. They can spruce up archaic elements of a classic game, give it a face lift,... | PS2

Game Changers: How Super Mario 64 Changed Gaming

20d ago - "The gaming landscape is ever changing, and with every new iteration of hardware (console or PC)... | Industry

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Hydrophobia: An Uncommon Fear of a Very Common Thing

32d ago - A brief look at the hydrophobia in the gaming medium. | PS2

Super Mario 64 VR Comes to Oculus Share

33d ago - VRFocus - With virtual reality (VR) technology becoming a bigger prospect seemingly by the day, f... | PC

Super Mario 64 Remade in Virtual Reality

41d ago - Remember how great it felt to play 3D games for the first time, taking that leap from Super Mario... | PC

25 Most Replayable Video Game Boss Battles Of All Time

43d ago - WC: Through all that suffering, these were the boss battles that stayed engaging and fun even in... | GameCube

Gaming Fads That Need To Come Back

47d ago - A few short-lived facets of the gaming industry need to return. | Retro

Super Mario 64 Is Not the Best Video Game of All Time (But Don’t Tell 1996 That)

53d ago - Retrovolve: The September, 1996 issue of Next Generation magazine’s cover story was a list of the... | Retro

Top 5 Brutal Deaths in Otherwise Tame Games

54d ago - After playing terrifying games like P.T. or violent games such as PAYDAY 2, a bit of light relief... | GameCube

10 Video Game Little Guys Who Had No Right To Win

58d ago - WC: If the movies can teach us one thing, it’s that everybody loves an underdog story. Rocky, Coo... | PS2

IGN Plays Super Mario 64

89d ago - IGN - It's Nintendo's 125th anniversary! Yes, waaaay back in September 1889 "Nintendo Koppai" was... | Retro

21 Gaming Memories Only 90s Kids Will Have

99d ago - WC: "No time was more magical for gamers than the 90s, it was a time when games were still a litt... | Retro

Crafts ‘N Gear #75: Super Mario 64 Lego, Pokemon Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy VII Sprites

99d ago - Video Game Crafts 'N Gear is a weekly feature wherein the spotlight is shined on the best custom-... | Culture

Gaming is not the most important thing in my life

100d ago - Polygon: "What’s your favorite video game?" This is what people ask when they find out what I... | Culture

Puncayshun breaks Super Mario 64 World Record yet again

111d ago - Video games alone are something to marvel at when you think about. It takes a lot of a work to m... | Retro

Eight Classic Games That Did Age Well

112d ago - Another trip down memory lane, this time honoring fifth/sixth-generation classic games that have... | GameCube

The Greatest Launch Title?

120d ago - Zach Gibson makes a case for Super Mario 64 as the best launch title of all time. | Retro

Collector claims to have found N64 DD version of Mario 64

144d ago - Video and photo of a long rumored but never 100% confirmed version of Super Mario 64 for the fail... | Retro

Lords of the Fallen (PS4) Review

Now - Drew puts his soul into this review. | Promoted post

Miyamoto's Favorite Game To Develop Was Super Mario 64

156d ago - NWR: "Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka revealed their favorite games to develop during a ques... | Culture

Album Review: “Super Mario 64: Portrait of a Plumber” by OverClocked ReMix | Shark Puppet

158d ago - What can OverClocked ReMix contribute to the timeless soundtrack of Super Mario 64? Naturally, qu... | Culture

Super Mario 64 Disk Edition has been discovered

160d ago - Jimmy130 has gotten his hands on a copy of the 64DD version of Super Mario 64 and posted a few sh... | Culture

Super Mario 64 Hacking

186d ago - PeanutButterGamer gets bored and hacks Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64. The results are...stra... | Retro

Retro Gaming Night: Super Mario 64 Video

187d ago - Welcome to a brand new video game series called Retro Gaming Night. Each night we’ll be playing a... | Retro
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