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Super Mario 64 All Stories  

Collector claims to have found N64 DD version of Mario 64

22d ago - Video and photo of a long rumored but never 100% confirmed version of Super Mario 64 for the fail... | Retro

Miyamoto's Favorite Game To Develop Was Super Mario 64

34d ago - NWR: "Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka revealed their favorite games to develop during a ques... | Culture

Album Review: “Super Mario 64: Portrait of a Plumber” by OverClocked ReMix | Shark Puppet

36d ago - What can OverClocked ReMix contribute to the timeless soundtrack of Super Mario 64? Naturally, qu... | Culture

Super Mario 64 Disk Edition has been discovered

38d ago - Jimmy130 has gotten his hands on a copy of the 64DD version of Super Mario 64 and posted a few sh... | Culture

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Super Mario 64 Hacking

64d ago - PeanutButterGamer gets bored and hacks Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64. The results are...stra... | Retro

Retro Gaming Night: Super Mario 64 Video

65d ago - Welcome to a brand new video game series called Retro Gaming Night. Each night we’ll be playing a... | Retro

Video Game Lullaby Album Now Available for Purchase

66d ago - Twinfinite writes, "Tracks from games as varied as Super Mario 64 (Dire, Dire Docks), Chrono Cros... | Culture

Top 5 Scariest Characters From Non-Horror Games

79d ago - Brad shares the top five villains/characters that caused him to quit the game for days – even wee... | Retro

Duo Streaming On Twitch Plays And Defeats Super Mario 64 Blindfolded

85d ago - Twitch streaming channel 62bitgaming recently took on the strange task of playing through Super M... | Culture

Glitching at High Speed: The Art of Speedrunning

92d ago - 'Watching a speedrun of a game is an odd experience, seeing someone beat a game as fast as possib... | Culture

Retrospective: Super Mario 64

94d ago - Edge: To get one of the ‘secret’ castle stars in Super Mario 64, you need to catch a yellow rabbi... | Retro

Here Is Super Mario 64 In First Person Mode With Oculus Rift Support

102d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Super Mario 64 is considered one of the best games of all time. Hell, even Val... | PC

GamerBolt: Super Mario 64 Review

103d ago - GamerBolt: "Be prepared to spend endless hours with this amazing game!" | Retro

A Tale of Two Screens: Memories of the Nintendo DS

103d ago - Spurred on by a fit of nostalgia, this is a look back at the beginning of my love of handheld gam... | Nintendo DS

Get lost all the time? Can’t read maps? Study says you should play more Super Mario 64

109d ago - Rocketnews: "I personally never really understood where the stereotype that women are bad at map-... | Nintendo DS

Interview -- Developer of the Super Mario 64 remake

124d ago - Twitch user Aryoksini is remaking the classic Super Mario 64 with updated graphics (and maybe mor... | Nintendo DS

Cool Bits - Super Mario 64's Penguin Secrets

124d ago - GameXplain: "The Penguins in Super Mario 64 are hiding quite a few secret easter eggs. We kidnap... | Wii U

Video Game Evolution in Pictures - Super Mario

129d ago - Eskimo Press: Video games are ever changing and have come a long way over the years. Looking back... | GameCube

Defining Moments – Running Up A Mountain In Mario 64

129d ago - CP writes: ‘Baa-baa-baa-ba-ba-baaaaa.’ I haven’t lost my mind. When I pick up the irregular Ni... | Retro

Super Mario 64 - Someone Is Remaking It In Blender Game Engine, Looks Incredible

132d ago - Super Mario 64 is considered one of the best video games of all time. Hell, even Gabe Newell like... | PC

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Gabe Newell Says Super Mario 64 is His Favorite Non-Valve Game

139d ago - Gabe Newell has revealed that his favorite non-Valve game is Super Mario 64. Newell, who’s known... | Wii

The 9 Best Snowmen of Videogame History

152d ago - Dorkly: Throughout history, children have built spherical snow totems in an attempt to appeal to... | Culture

CCG Retro Review: Super Mario 64

152d ago - Super Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64 were the launch titles for the N64... and that was it. Funny to... | Retro

Super Mario 64 - Star 1-1 Walkthrough

157d ago - Gaming Precision’s Esteban Cuevas shows you how to get the first star in the first level, Bob-omb... | Retro

Top 5 Video Game Corruption Videos

171d ago - 8CN: We here at the 8th Circuit Network don't advocate the usage of ROMs and Emulators. Not on an... | GameCube
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