David Jaffe on new E3, No invitation, Miyamoto & His weight

Jaffe in his blog posts:
"But God I'm getting fat again! Amazing, 10 pounds in like 2 months...stress and me dude, they just don't mix.

E3 was so lame this year. It was cool to walk around some of the company hotel suites and actually be able to get on AAA games with NO ONE waiting to play. But it sucked to not get into the hanger (no badge). But I hear the hanger was lame. And it was kind of cool to watch the conferences on G4."

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Lord Anubis4025d ago

Maybe I should have gone: 'You have made some of the best games- hell, the best pieces of entertainment EVER but since MARIO 64, I have not loved anything you have done? I have respected all you have brought to the industry and world, especially in the last POST-Mario 64 years but for me personally, none of it floated my boat? But still dude, thanks so so so much for pretty much creating the modern incarnaton of this industry?"

And then he would have just looked at me and said: 'You are fat. Use Wii Fit for 2 months and call me back. Bye fatso'


Jaffe is the god of war.

MK_Red4025d ago

Agreed, I love the man and his games. Its a terrible shame that he wasn't invited to E3. I mean how could Sony not send him an invitation? Its so unfair after all that he has done for Playstation.

Cant wait for his next game and possibly, God Of War 3.

Siesser4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

He was at E3, just not invited to the "hangar." I'm assuming that's where the Sony Press Conference took place, since he watched it live on G4's coverage.

I agree with all of his complaints too. I was watching the Sony conference, and then all of sudden, when Jack starts talking about PS2, they say they're going to commercial?! I was like 'you've gotta be kidding me!'. I then had to go ahead and try to get into it on Gamestop (which was by then flooded and took forever to get me a feed), and switch between the two when G4 went to commercial.

And why they didn't stay zoomed in on the screen footage was indeed a gripe. Granted, some games had stuff going on more than one screen, but I dont' think anything required a showin of more than two, which would have been perfectly watchable. Poor, poor direction there.

jadura4504025d ago

That was really funny, but still...

Jaffe doesn't like Ocarnia of Time?

Salvadore4025d ago (Edited 4025d ago )

I love David Jaffe, he's as real as anybody can get.

Maldread4024d ago

...and talks like a should be in Deadwood or something ;)