Why PlayStation Move Will Beat Project Natal And The Wii

GameBrit writes: "The Nintendo Wii has shown the masses that motion controls are popular. Not just for those who already class gaming as a hobby, but also for people who have never even played or enjoyed a games console before. This has led to the Wii being the current leader in sales followed by the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Naturally both Microsoft and Sony have seen this success and now want a piece of the motion based pie. This has culminated in Project Natal, a camera based option, and the PlayStation Move combination from Sony, featuring a camera alongside Wiimote and Nunchuck style devices. So with both vying for the crown of the motion controlled world, which one has what it takes to topple the Wii? My money is on Sony's offering, and this is why."

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qface643194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

i don't see it happening

dangert123194d ago

Yes no 1 would have a wii unless its the zelda mario etc fans
and natal lagged up plus a RROD PRONE 360 would of killed ms prematurely this gen

but thats not the case so know i think

some people will see 'move' and think im not buying a ps3 and then move or hw mch they will cost bundled when its liturly a wii

project natal will seem new to casual no mater what the ps3 eyetoy can do its never been marketed in the sense natal will be or described as a console

mabreu3194d ago

It's like playing Gran Turismo 5 with a racing wheel and foot pedals. Sure it cost around $100 bucks but it's worth it. Also, look at Rock Band and all of the equipment needed to play it. Motion control doesn't need to be released with a system like the Wii, It can do just fine as an optional way of playing current games.

WIIIS13193d ago

My prediction is that Move will be the LEAST successful of the 3, for the simple reason that it is the most optional device of the 3 console systems. For Wii, the whole console concept is defined by the Wii Mote, so the success of the console will as much ensure the success of the Wii Mote as vice versa. Natal is a periphery to the 360, but it appears to be a dedicated system to motion control games as much as it is also an optional device, and there will be games designed specially for Natal rather than just support it, or at least that is my impression. Move however seems to be simply an optional accessory, and if so, I don't see why people will buy into it.

Christopher3193d ago

These type of articles are only intended to flame the idiotic console war and nothing else. There's nothing we can say that will truly shine a light on who will 'win' or if anyone will really 'win' in the end, other than Nintendo who are already winners.

I refuse to give these sites any hits for putting up articles that really have no purpose or use other than twisting words to get people to comment on them on their site.

Montrealien3193d ago

it just is, don`t do it kids.

Death24943193d ago

this and then reply on this article.

Danny Dan3193d ago

Playstation Move could overcome Natal as far as motion functionality goes and even sales. The way I'm thinking of it is pretty logical, the PS Move isn't revolutionary but it does base off something already successful, the Wii. First thing is first, A LOT of Wii games are going to be ported to the PS3, quickly try to upgrade the graphics and boom! More games on the PS3. After a while... games will start to be created FIRST on the PS3 then ported to the Wii. So now all 3rd party companies working on only Nintendo platforms will bring their games to the PS3, making the Wii not only graphically obsolete but their "exclusive games" will all be multiplatform, leaving only Nintendo games exclusive. This alone will greatly increase sales for the Move and all Sony has to do is just sell the peripheral. Capitalizing off of Nintendo and stealing market share. Sony wins at its goal.

Natal is unproven, we don't know much about it and we haven't seen any working games, so I really can't say much about it but just be optimistic about its potential. Assuming it works like its intended, it can be great but there's so much doubt, hardly any news, a developer speaking out negatively, it all kind of worries me. Who knows, MS can really surprise us this E3, and just drop a bomb on everyone.

King_of _the_Casuals3193d ago

What a classic Fanboy article! But as I may agree that Move will be the best of the bunch tech does not have a chance to win. Why???

1.It has NOOO Hype. Since it was first introduced the Media has labeled the MOVE as a Wii wanabe. You and I may know it's not but the casual gamer won't/ They'll see wand, nunchuk, videogame = Wii. Compare that to Natal which is being promoted as this NEW great technology and it stands no chance. Like it or not but the Mass Media LOVES Natal and there excitement will generate sales. Just like Hype worked for the Wii.

2. It has NOOO Market. Our PS3 is a technological monster...better then the other 2 systems. But with all these Bells and whistles came...a higher price point. So when it came time for parents to buy a system for there kids, they chose the cheaper system. And Motion controls are aimed at kids and casual gamers....who wouldn't pay that much more for a PS3. We mock the 360 about "Xbox Live" being full of kids. Well these kids are the ones that are gonna get motion control...not us hardcore gamers. It's not for us!

3. It will be the most expensive. Wii already has an established share of the market so there prices are now cheaper. Natal is a camera and will not require any additional control purchases. But MOVE is the newest tech and will require Wand and Nunchuk purchases. Matter of fact, fighting games will require 2 WANDS (not nunchuks) WANDS! To fight another person in front of your tv you will need 4 WANDS!!! now that's expensive!

4. Sony doesn't know how to market.

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Fierce Musashi3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

You see, these simple motion controls is what gets the eye of the casual/non-gamer broader audience. Keep in mind, they don't care for power if all they are looking for is a simple gaming experence. When it comes down to it, the Wii is the way to go for them when prices start getting compared. Why pay extra for pretty much the exact same experence? If (IF) Sony is indeed trying to steal the Wii's thunder then they are going to have to give the PS3 a price cut as well as bundle the controller and a game or two in order to compete, considering that the controller (to my knowing) is sold seprately.

If you started gaming and were just looking for a machine to pick up and play, would you buy a high price console as well as the motion add-ons or the more accessible console at a far lower price?

dannylilley3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

A very good point indeed and one which outlines the reason why the Wii has been so successful so far.
On the other hand the PlayStation 3 could offer a full package of entertainment i.e. motion controls for the whole family (with the casual games), a hardcore gaming console for those who want to sit down to play games with a standard controller, a blu-ray player for movie watching and of course PlayTV + BBCiPlayer for TV watching. A higher price for sure but adding all that in it could satisfy a wider range of uses.

ChickeyCantor3193d ago (Edited 3193d ago )

"Keep in mind, they don't care for power if all they are looking for is a simple gaming experence. When it comes down to it, the Wii is the way to go for them"

I think you are wrong.
Its not that they dont care for great looking games and the things it can do.
Its Nintendo who captured them with their marketing.
I wont be surprised if they see Move and say : " Wait isn't that like the Wii? ".

Nintendo is leader with the motion controls, People associate Motion controls to Nintendo.
If sony did it first and they succeeded people would say " casual gamers dont care for SD GFX".

And anyone loves simple games, thats why MW is selling so well...

Fierce Musashi3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

The controller itself as well as the primary the controls are simple to understand, making the experience easy and accessible for anyone. I'm not saying marketing has little to do with anything, rather what gets the eye of them and is more accessible.

The Wii console comes with the Wiimote as it's primary controller and a game, all while remaining the least expensive. The simple controls, along with other elements, makes it the most accessible. Are they, just looking for a simple accessible gaming experience from a home console, serious going to pay more just to have better graphics? I'm not saying the broader audience aren't always going to see it like that, some might want extra features and what not, but the majority of them wouldn't really care.

I know they are the leader when it comes to MC. They made it the primary controls. The move is obviously going to get compared to the Wiimote by anyone who knows anything about the Wii, because it's final design looks clearly like somewhat of a rip.

Michael Myers3194d ago

if playstation move beats natal the wii will be next, but im not for purchas a hd gaming system like the ps3 for motion control would be...insane

matey3194d ago (Edited 3194d ago )

look guys the ps3 want doesnt even do as many things as the wiimote the wiimote has infared camera in the controller itself and can detect where it is pointing all the time with out the need for IR,or the sensor bar silent hill/fatal frame 4 uses this for the tourch plus the wii is 1on1 accurate for IR pointing in fps games ign said that the socom ps3 demo was poor and has way too much lag i dont think the early wii attemts have any lag what so ever infact u can even fine tune the experience on the fps controls to suit ie conduit,metroid prime 3 has the best controls because its 60frames per second,plus the ps3 wand looks stupid and can only be detected through the camera the wiimote is leaps and bounds above this ps3 controller ign even said that the ps3 1st party attemts at the show were not even on par with 3rd partys 1st gen attemts on the wii that says the wiimote is better the new tigerwoods has truview on the wii because its using the motionplus and the infared camera as far as i know this mode isnt present in the ps3 version due to technical issues sorry guys but the truth at the moment is that the wiimote is alot more advanced and SONY and MICROSOFT are finding out the hard way fact lets see how tigerwoods 2011 turns out that should prove my point that the wii has the superior motion controls lets see the wiimote has alot going on and has proved itself in every sport game out there even PES 2009/2010 have amazing controls made possible by the wiimote with out motion plus yes alot of people forget the wiimote alone is very powerful look at the original wii sports bowling,tennis,golf,ect wow is the expression i heard out of peoples mouths when playing this can ps3wand do the same i dont think so natal has no chance so forget that device there is very little promise for ps3 wand

cyborg69713194d ago

Surely you can't be serious the wiimote more powerful. Motion is for old folks and noobs. But to quote ign is stupid socom was an alpha build and lag was minimal and can be worked out.

kneon3193d ago

The design of the wiimote is backwards in that it is very easy for the wiimote to point away from the TV which causes the Wii to lose track of the position. The Move is designed the other way around so it doesn't matter which way the wand is pointing, it will still be detected as long as you are in the field of view of the PSeye. And if you aren't in the field of view then I guess it doesn't matter as you probably can't see the TV anyway.

n4gno3193d ago

You are leaving in a world of illusions and dreams and repeat bullcraps you are believing, ps move is the perfect wii controler nintendo has never had, simple fact (1/1, no battery, etc)

matey3194d ago

the wii will deliver the full gaming experience because it will have classic pro for games like tatsunoko vs capcom,pro evo,smash bros brawl,ect and has the best motion controls for games like ZELDA wii ect plus ur in the land of nod if u think that any game ps3 put out will top Wii ZELDA with full motion plus support,plus online is getting a boost this year with moster hunter 3 the online has been put next to world of warcraft yes try reading what devs say about there games the online in that game will be full on more in line with a pc infastructure read this in official nintendo magazine and capcom have some more games that are as big as MH3 coming to wii this year maybe even better graphics because they now have wii version of MT Framework

n4gno3193d ago

You are for sure a casual gamer in a delusional world, not a single real gamer can be satisfied with the mediocre motion control and really poor library of the wii, when ps3 has the best games, and way more games, since 2 years and for a long time, like the ps2 vs gamecube was (i don't even talk about graphic gap, technic gap, variety and adult games, bluray, and all the stuff the wii can't compete, it's a nice toy, in a different league)