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PS4’s Impressive Sales Gives PlayStation VR a 30 Million Headstart

11h ago - VRFocus looks at the recent announcement that PlayStation 4 has sold over 30 million units and di... | PS4

Sony Reveals Range of PlayStation VR & Controller Tracking Combinations

13h ago - VRFocus reports on the reveal of a new image from Sony showcasing the range of possible tracking... | PS4

Unprecedented Social Problems We Expect on PSVR

17h ago - We have described and compiled a short list of Anti-Social "problems" that maybe associated with... | PS4

PlayStation Dev: One PlayStation VR Title Seen Running at 500Hz

1d 11h ago - VRFocus reports on one PlayStation developer noting that he has seen a PlayStation VR virtual rea... | PS4

Virtual Reality – Maturity Beyond Games - Brainwashed Politics

1d 12h ago - Can VR brainwash us? Can it influence politics and make us change the way we think? Can VR be use... | Tech

Stable 60fps Deemed a “Minimum” for PlayStation VR, Sony Pushing For 90fps as Standard

2d ago - During a talk at the Montreal International Game Summit 2015, the company’s Senior Technical Acco... | PS4

PlayStation VR Devs 'strongly advised' to Make Seated Games to 'maximise safety'

2d ago - Standing-based virtual reality (VR) experiences have become viable much faster than many had anti... | PS4

RIGS Confirmed for PlayStation Experience

4d ago - VRFocus reports on the news that PlayStation VR's RIGS: Mechanized Combat League will be heading... | PS4

Sony Suggests At Least 90FPS for PlayStation VR

5d ago - CGM Writes: At MIGS 2015, a game summit held in Montreal, Vernon Harmon did a talk about Embracin... | PS4

Plug-and-play is PlayStation VR's 'biggest advantage' – Sony Deputy President

7d ago - VRFocus reports on Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) noting that PlayStation VR's biggest advanta... | PS4

CCP Got into VR 'because of passion' and a 'history of following disruptions'

8d ago - VRFocus - Last week it was announced that EVE Online developer CCP Games had raised some $30 mill... | PC

EA on VR: "We'll really wait and see how big the market is going to be"

8d ago - Blake Jorgensen compares small initial user numbers to Wii and PS Vita. Electronic Arts' chief... | Wii

Xbox and PlayStation: virtual war reality

9d ago - Do you think that when the VR console comes out, the Xbox will die out? What if everyone goes cra... | PS4

ARK Gets Penguins and Anglerfish in New Update

9d ago - VRFocus reports on the reveal of penguins and anglerfish for virtual reality (VR) compatible surv... | PC

10 PlayStation VR games that would be spectacular on PS4

10d ago - PlayStation Universe takes a look at some of those current and upcoming titles that would be grea... | PS4

Michael Pachter Predicts PlayStation VR & Oculus Will Succeed; PS4 Hardware "Humongous Value" for VR

11d ago - Virtual reality is still moving its first wobbling steps, among the requirements for high frame r... | PC

Unity to Expand PlayStation VR Support with the Help of Engine Room Games

11d ago - VRFocus reports on the news that Unity Technologies will be expanding its support for the PlaySta... | PS4

PlayStation VR Tennis Racket Controller

11d ago - New Tennis racket developed by Sony uses, 5 sensors, pressure, motion, biometric, kinetic and cli... | PS4

PlayStation VR: Test driving the console set to change the future of gaming

11d ago - "THE future of gaming is a virtual reality, and boy does it look sweet. The big question now i... | PS4

EVE: Valkyrie to Feature Free Roam Mode

12d ago - VRFocus reports on the news that EVE: Valkyrie is set to feature a free roam mode that will not i... | PC

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Kite & Lightning Talks Bebylon Battle Royale, VR eSports and More

12d ago - VRFocus delivers an interview with Kite & Lightning on its upcoming debut virtual reality (VR) vi... | PC

Dexmo developing miniture glove robotic touch gloves

12d ago - There is one particular product which has been kept hidden from the media for awhile and it's sti... | Tech

PlaystationVR Weight Ergonomics

13d ago - The PlayStation VR is set to be released next year in 2016. The first thing that consumers will t... | PS4

Capcom shares on NX and PS VR

13d ago - Capcom reveals plans for playstation VR and also the Nintendo NX. | PS4

Oculus Creator: 2016 to See 'huge explosion' of VR Games Being Published

13d ago - VRFocus - The last three years have been huge for the virtual reality (VR) scene, but they will n... | PC
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