Paper Mario and Wave Race 64 due soon on Virtual Console

Nintendo of Japan has confirmed that the Wii's Virtual Console will see the arrival of two N64 classics this summer, in the form of watery racer Wave Race 64 and flattened-out RPG Paper Mario. Although the pair are currently only slated for release on the Japanese Virtual Console, a western release is nigh on certain to follow.

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PS360WII4182d ago

heh yea they are along with all other games from the systems they sell from...

kewlkat0074182d ago

I still have that Cartridge, and HOLD mad RECORDS in that game. The wave simulation/physics in that game was great for the time. Just a fun game overall. VC, gets all the games I wont on a much beefier console, that supports better resolutions. The VC games on my HD looks like crap stretched.

Kastor_Troii4181d ago

Those 2 will definately sell loads on the Virtual Console.Now whens Golden Eye or Bettle Adv. Racing out.