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[Europe] Wave Race 64 (N64) – Wii U Virtual Console Trailer and screens

42d ago - Wave Race 64 (which originally came out on the Nintendo 64) is one of the games hitting the Wii U... | Wii U

A Wii Wave Race Project Got Far Enough to Have Its Own Patents

93d ago - NL: When we consider long-abandoned Nintendo franchises we'd like to see again, there's always a... | Wii

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The best jet ski games of all time

350d ago - The only racing games that can make Burnout look boring. | Xbox One

Wave Race 64 – Definitive 50 N64 Game #12

527d ago - Playing Wave Race 64 is like going on vacation. Despite being an early N64 title, Wave Race st... | Retro

Five Nintendo Games That Deserve a Sequel

578d ago - One of the writers here at NintendoEnthusiast talks about some incredible games that never got th... | Nintendo DS

What Made Wave Race 64 So Darn Special?

1098d ago - Few N64 games are as beautiful as Wave Race 64. We thought we’d get our cameras out and take a cl... | Retro

Spotlight: Wave Race 64

1109d ago - N64 Blog revisits the game that made quite a splash when it released way back in 1996. Let yourse... | Retro

Time for Wave Race Wii U? Time for Wave Race 64 - Data Report

1234d ago - "Wave Race 64 released on November 5, 1996 for the Nintendo 64 in North America. The game, like F... | Wii

[Mansbros] Review: Wave Race 64

1288d ago - “BONZAAAIII!!!” Wave Race 64, at its time, was one of the few great water racing games to own. On... | Retro

Of Carnival and Number Crunching – Sims and Arcade Racers

1482d ago - Arcade racers and simulators face off to see who crosses the finish line in form. | PC

Whatever Happened To Wave Race?

1621d ago - Chris Buffa (Modojo): Pop quiz: When did Wave Race make its debut? If you guessed the Nintendo... | Retro

6 N64 Games That Deserve A Modern Sequel

1678d ago - With all the junk games coming out, it's a downright travesty that these titles haven't had recen... | Dev

Top Ten N64 Games On Virtual Console (RunDLC)

2004d ago - Nintendo 64 was a great console that sometimes got a bad rap for using cartridges, a ram pak and... | Wii

GameDaily: The Nintendo Difference: Wave Race 64

2183d ago - GameDaily writes: "Wave Race 64 is one of many games that made the 90s so memorable. This en... | 3,11

Why Is The Virtual Console The Only Thing I Play On My Wii?

3097d ago - By now, if you've ever read a single one of CB Games' articles before, you'd probably think that... | 3

This Weeks Wii VC Updates [UK]

3097d ago - A slight bit of catchup here from the Americans, but there's no complaining as there's finally an... | 3

Wave Race 64 - Virtual Console Gameplay

3108d ago - It's time to get wet and wild with this classic jet ski racer now on the Virtual Console. | 3

Paper Mario and Wave Race 64 due soon on Virtual Console

3144d ago - Nintendo of Japan has confirmed that the Wii's Virtual Console will see the arrival of two N64 cl... | 3
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