Gamereactor: Wet - Review

Krisitna Wiik writes:

""Wet" in this case is short for "wetworks", a term used when a mission goes wrong and the agent's hands get wet with blood as a result. Rubi, the game's protagonist, is a well endowed young lady with a single goal: to get what she's hired to get, and to kill everyone who stands in her way. An assassin, in other words.The plot of the game is fairly ok, but never intriguing. It's a standard setup with an easily predictable outcome. But let's not focus too much on the negative aspects."

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morganfell3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Gamereactor? Do you think people are idiots that have no memory? No thanks. We are well aware of the inaccuracy of your reviews. Pass.

andron6663104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

They haven't reviewed Uncharted 2 yet. The reviews you are referring to are from some of the scandinavian Gamereactor sites, they all have their own review staff.

Not a big fan of Gamereactor myself, but it's only one reviewers opinion...

dreamcast3104d ago

Way to stick it to the man!!

morganfell3104d ago

It doesn't matter. It all benefits the same people who are en toto a bunch of morons.