First video of Final Fantasy Gaiden: Four Warriors of Light

Square Enix has released the debut video of their new Final Fantasy game.

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knox3444d ago

looks so good in motion =D!

locos853444d ago

What a surprise it's for the DS!

locos853444d ago

The only thing they show is the kid walking around. Very exciting trailer...... Now 1 conversation or battle, just walking and walking.

Hisiru3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

This is NOT a trailer, it's a gameplay/demo video, demo is normally like this. Why don't you stop trolling and leave us alone, I think you should go to your section (psp/360/ps3 whatever) please.

locos853444d ago

I have a DS so this does interest me. I didn't know you had to be in a special club to post my opinion on the game.

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SpoonyRedMage3444d ago

Wow, what a weird aesthetic they're going for. It does look pretty nice though. Definately going to get the game.

knox3444d ago

i LOVE the artstyle especially the trees

lonestarmt3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

YEAH I know! This game has great art direction. Wow between this and DQ9 DS is ruling JRPGs. Now if only square could put the same visual ump and creativity on a next gen platform. sigh..

PS360WII3444d ago

0.0! Dang I take back what I said about SE and making most of their DS games look the same. This look is rather impressive to say the least. Good show good show :)

YoMeViet3444d ago

Not bad but they could have shown us a battle or two, oh yeah 5 bucks says this game will be out before FFXIII.

SpoonyRedMage3444d ago

I think they already said it will be out before FFXIII.

knox3444d ago

i think its coming out in september

Sangria3444d ago (Edited 3444d ago )

It sounds really nice, i wonder how will be the combat system. I'm looking for simple (the less complicated is the story, the best it is) turn-based RPGs for my wife. This one has the cuteness :3

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