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Disagree Online? Don’t Worry, Some Brave Soul Will Diagnose You

32d ago - "To an amazingly high number of people, your opinions are alleged facts. Moreover, if you feel on... | PS4

10 Awesome Final Fantasy Heroes (And 10 Losers)

235d ago - Rant Lifestyle goofs around with the casts of Final Fantasy games in this fun slideshow. | Retro

How Square Enix Can Fix Final Fantasy

343d ago - John Ferrell of GeeksPodcast explores some of Final Fantasy's later sins and how Square Enix can... | Xbox 360

Top 10 Final Fantasy Characters | GT Countdown

362d ago - There are so many to choose from! From spikey-haired heroes to dancing mad villains, Gametrailers... | Culture

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The Essence and Future of Final Fantasy

456d ago - Eric from GamR Mag writes: "For over 25 years, gamers have had the privilege and the pleasure of... | Culture

Final Fantasy Isn’t Dying. It’s Already Dead

457d ago - Wired: Well, it’s been a long time coming, but I think I’m gonna call it: Final Fantasy is dead.... | PC

Top 7 Recurring Enemies in Final Fantasy Games

500d ago - With the recent announcement of Final Fantasy XV, Nerds on the Rocks wanted to take a look back a... | Industry

Sponsor E3 2013: Final Fantasy Producer Asks If People Want Modern Turn-Based Games

505d ago - oprainfall writes: "Throughout much of the history of Final Fantasy, the core combat of the major... | Industry

There Might Be Big Final Fantasy News Coming At E3

511d ago - "The mailman just dropped this off in our inbox. It's an invitation to a Square Enix event next w... | Next-Gen

10 Best Video Game Swords

520d ago - Why are swords are so popular? It could be that they’re functional, or customizable, or that they... | Retro

Video Game Music Has Lost Its Melody

544d ago - As video games themselves evolve, so too has the soundtrack that accompanies them but they don't... | Dev

Final Fantasy's Musicman: Nobuo Uematsu Q&A Part 2

575d ago - 4Player-"Continuing from the first half of the Q&A, here's the finale." | Culture

Final Fantasy's Musicman: Nobuo Uematsu Q&A Part I

576d ago - 4Player-"An anime convention was held a couple weeks ago not far from where I live. While I admit... | Industry

The Second Anniversary of Square Portal

648d ago - An interesting article about having a fansite and its bad and good sides. Worth reading for every... | Nintendo DS

Is This What Really Makes a Final Fantasy Game?

702d ago - Square-Enix have listed the 5 characteristics of a Final Fantasy game, but are these really what... | Culture

The Future Of Final Fantasy Round-Table Discussion Now Available Online

776d ago - The future of Final Fantasy round-table discussion is now available online. | Dev

Fixing Final Fantasy: A Conversation, part 2

846d ago - Nightmare Mode's Adam Harshberger writes, "That’s how to fix the series. When we started this,... | Nintendo DS

Choc-rocking kings of Final Fantasy

847d ago - HEAVEmedia proposes the next Final Fantasy crossover: the world of Magic Mike | Culture

Fixing Final Fantasy: A Conversation

847d ago - Nightmare Mode's Tom Auxier writes: "It’s company men, men who have forty year old problems, t... | Nintendo DS

Gaming's Most Intriguing Boxes

888d ago - Ryan Johnson | GoozerNation Boxes are everywhere in gaming. Many save your life, or at least h... | Culture

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5 big game franchises that need saving (and who can do it)

899d ago - Sometimes you really need to shake things up. With that in mind here are five games that need res... | PC

The Real Mythological Influences In Final Fantasy

926d ago - This year the Final Fantasy franchise will turn 25 years old, and it has influenced culture as mu... | Culture

The Final Fantasy Challenge Part 11: Diary Of An Indifferent Man

941d ago - One of the writers over at GoozerNation has decided to play and beat (almost) every Final Fantasy... | PS3

The Last Story and ‘bad writing’

943d ago - Blog: THE LAST STORY, the latest RPG from the man who created Final Fantasy, offers us much to lo... | Wii

The Final Fantasy Challenge: Chapter 2

946d ago - The intro to the second chapter of a 35 game (and still growing) series where one of the contribu... | PS3
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