IncGamers: Boom Blox Bash Party Hands Review

IncGamers' Tamer Asfahani has a bash at the new Boom Blox.

"The worry with Boom Blox Bash Party (BBBP) was how it was going to better its predecessor. Boom Blox went pretty much under the radar last year. There wasn't much of a song and dance about it, but anyone who'd played the game would sing its praises. Those who own the first title were both excited and apprehensive about the sequel when it was announced (we surveyed six people), but speaking to Amir Rahimi, the game series producer, we were assured the game would be bigger and better."

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thetamer3286d ago

This will be the game of the year. And it's on the Wii. Two points!

Dorjan3286d ago

This series is not getting old it seems!

Fyzzu3286d ago

Boom Blox is hideously underrated, in that pretty much everyone should own a copy, and yet so many people don't. This is a day one purchase for me, I think.

Maticus3286d ago

Wow, nice score. Not the sort of game that appeals to me though.

AndyA3286d ago

Got to love such a simple concept, executed so well.

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