x360a: Bionic Commando Review

x360a writes: "A lot of people get tired of yearly cash in sequels, myself included, so it is something of a novelty to come across a sequel to a game released over twenty years ago. Back on the NES in 1988 you could swing about to your hearts content using a bionic arm to lay waste to your foes – obviously someone thought that idea would still be pretty cool - and so this game was born. Considering the rash of games like Prince of Persia and Assassins Creed, where wall running and daring acrobatics have been made awesome again, it makes sense. Though I would like to point out that there will be no tawdry jokes about extendable appendages in my review. Well, maybe not many.

Developed by Grin, under the watchful eye of Capcom no doubt, this is a game that prefers to borrow heavily from its peers rather than innovating too much. Obviously the central mechanic of a bionic, grappling arm is not one that has been used overmuch. Though anyone who has played Lost Planet will know how a run and gun third person shooter, replete with grapple, can work. That being said, the game is more about having fun than taking itself too seriously and can easily be played at your own pace..."

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