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How Hard Can It Be?: Battletoads Turbo Tunnel | Short Pause

16d ago - Short Pause: "If you listen to the Short Pause Gaming Podcast, you know that Battletoads continue... | Xbox One

Battletoads: The Strange History of a Nigh-Impossible Franchise

24d ago - Before Rare rewinds with Rare Replay, here's a history lesson in the nigh-impossible, amphibious... | Arcade

The Wii U Games You Need to Play in August

Now - Let's take a look at what Nintendo will be offering throughout the month. | Promoted post

Rare Replay's limited edition comes with Phil Spencer's Battletoads t-shirt

39d ago - Rare Replay's limited edition comes with the same Battletoads t-shirt worn by Xbox chief Phil Spe... | Xbox One

Battletoads Has Instant Rewind, Infinite Turbo Tunnel Mode In Rare Replay

47d ago - Siliconera spoke to Rare about the additions in Battletoads made for Rare Replay. In addition to... | Xbox One

Battletoads Soundtrack Gets Vinyl Release for SDCC

49d ago - Rare announced that the Battletoads soundtrack will be pressed to vinyl and be sold in limited nu... | Xbox One

Factory Sealed Podcast - Episode 56: We Play Battletoads

54d ago - We pretend to love the entirety of Battletoads, when in fact we only made it as far as we did bec... | Retro

Rare Replay E3 2015 Impressions | Gamerheadquarters

66d ago - Impressions of Rare Replay from E3 2015 going over my hands-on with particular titles in the coll... | Xbox One

What Games Would You Like Announced At E3 2015?

75d ago - "T42 wants a Half Life 3 announcement to be made. It has certainly been a while since we’ve dived... | PS4

Five Things Microsoft Needs To Bring To E3

80d ago - A new Halo Guardians beta, backwards compatibility and Battletoads would hit the spot. | Xbox One

Battletoads retrospective: A warts-and-all look at the Rare brawler

111d ago - Somewhere between the Samurai Pizza Cats and the Biker Mice From Mars, we lost track of the numbe... | Retro

A new, Rare-approved Banjo-Kazooie game was shown off at the weekend

166d ago - Eurogamer: Right around the time Playtonic Games, a new studio made up of former veteran Rare de... | PC

Podcast Unlocked 185: What Is Battletoads Going ToBe On Xbox One?

176d ago - Chris Charla, the head of Microsoft's ID@Xbox program, stops by for a chat about choosing indie g... | PC

Battletoads in Xbox One version of Shovel Knight sets tongues wagging

176d ago - At GDC this week Eurogamer's Martin Robinson asked Spencer about Battletoads and Rare's 30th anni... | Xbox One

GDC 2015: Microsoft Teases the Return of Battletoads

177d ago - IGN - During the Windows 10 event at GDC 2015, head of ID@Xbox Chris Charla hinted that there may... | Xbox 360

Retro Weekend: Battletoads

203d ago - This week's Retro Weekend talks about the NES title Battletoads and Austin talks about some of th... | Culture

Electronic Heroes Takes a Look at the Battletoads Cartoon

208d ago - Electronic Heroes takes a look into the pilot only cartoon based off the Battletoads video ga... | Culture

Five Battletoads Sequels That Are Definitely Coming

214d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Battletoads is well remembered for its difficult levels – many of us would need t... | Retro

Your A to Z Guide to the '90s Raddest Gaming Mascots

218d ago - GamesRadar - Way past cool. Trying to describe radness feels like describing color to the blind.... | Culture

Phil Spencer is wearing a Battletoads shirt

220d ago - Phil Spencer, head of Xbox division and Microsoft Studios, took the stage at this afternoon's Win... | Xbox One

Impossible Gaming Season 2 Trailer

220d ago - Chadley and Tristan return with a second season of their YouTube show Impossible Gaming in just f... | Retro

LEGO Jurassic World (XB1) Review

Now - Ken travels to Jurassic Park once again. | Promoted post

Are Rare's Banjo-Kazooie & Battletoads Coming Back?

223d ago - Gamexplain: "Recently there's been word of Microsoft reviving many of Rare's classic IPs includi... | Industry

BattleToads Acquired, TellTale's Game Of Thrones, Majora's Mask & 343 Industries | CraigheadPro

286d ago - Battletoads Acquired by Microsoft! Does this mean Battletoads may be making a comeback? Telltale... | Culture

"Battletoads" Trademark Filed by Microsoft; Is Rare's Classic IP Returning?

292d ago - On November 5th Microsoft filed for the registration of the trademark “Battletoads,” giving hope... | PC

10 Games That We Desperately Want To See Remastered

305d ago - This generation has already seen some high profile games from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 be r... | Culture

We Need a New Battletoads - Up at Noon

366d ago - IGN - Up at Noon thinks we need some reimagined classics. | Culture
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