Play Review: Bionic Commando

Play writes: "Aside from the requisite maintenance necessary to keep oneself upright and animate like sleeping, eating, drinking, and clean underwear, life as we know it can be broken down into two basic phases; discovering the things that make us happy (that's one) and then finding the easiest way to obtain them (that's two) so that we can do them as much and as often as possible. If you're reading this review, chances are that somewhere along the line you discovered the power of a great video game (hey, me too), plunging you into the never-ending pursuit of finding the next one that might return you to the exalted state of prolonged euphoria that drew you to a life of console cycles and loading screens in the first place. Welcome to the hamster wheel pal. Hey, you could do a lot worse."

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Th3 Chr0nic3493d ago

I think this guy just has a hard on for bionic commando cause the gameplay on this game i thought sucked.

his verdict: "verdict
Grin’s Diesel engine is a beast. Bionic Commando is one of the most advanced games of the 7th generation thus far. We’re talking epic on a heretofore unseen scale. The gameplay is sheer perfection, the score is superb and the detail for a game this size is plain crazy. Nathan Spencer is a ballistic missile of muscle and might yet he controls with utter precision. Between the level design and the enemy AI, Grin puts us in the action and multiple moments of grandeur so well you can almost smell it. This is why you bought a 360 or PS3, right here."

yea he def was rubbing one out to that metal arm.