UGO: Bionic Commando Review - House of (Bionic) Hand and Fog

UGO writes: "Bionic Commando follows Capcom's current recipe for high profile hits - for every part progression, one part regression. So as Resident Evil 5's antiquated controls stunted its co-operative gameplay and Dead Rising's save system crippled the horde slashing kill-a-thon, Capcom's latest has an unmistakable blemish: restrictive, often fatal level design that distracts from its core feature, the bionic arm.

First, catch up. Just incase you've never heard of the 20 some year-old Bionic Commando brand, the heart-and-soul of its gameplay rests on a stretchy mechanical arm that grapples to nearby scenery (street light, billboard, tree branch) and propels the player forward with a swing."

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Sheikh Yerbouti3470d ago (Edited 3470d ago )

the same stuff as IGN did, but the score seems to be more in-line with what their saying than IGN.