Bionic Commando reviewed: You won't want to put it down

GamingIndians writes:
Grin have done a fine job in not being weighed down by the need to stay true to the original. Instead, they've tried to make Bionic Commando as much fun as possible even if it meant straying so far away from the original that hadn't it been for the name and concept, you wouldn't see any connection. And they have succeeded, because despite its obvious flaws, it's a blast to play. It starts out feeling mediocre and the controls seem clunky, but it quickly wins you over with its charming style and challenging gameplay. Just give yourself long enough to get used to Bionic Commando; you won't want to put it down till the credits roll.

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Marceles3471d ago

Hopefully I don't put it down as fast as I did the multiplayer demo

The_Devil_Hunter3471d ago

This game has been gettin bad reviews, another Capcom let down, well its not like it BC has been considered a AAA title.

stefluva3471d ago

i want to play the demo be4 i can really say anything. i just think the shooting could be better but like i said i'll see wen i play the demo