GamingEvolution: Söldner X: Himmelsstümer Review

GamingEvolution writes: "Söldner X: Himmelsstümer, released on PC back in 2007, garnered a large fanbase around the world and also brought attention to a dying breed of games, shmups. Developed by SideQuest Studios and published by Eastasiasoft, Söldner X: Himmelsstümer features intense battle sequences that are reminiscent of classic titles like R-Type and Ikaruga. Fast forward a year and SideQuest Studios has released the same title for the PlayStation console via the PlayStation Network. Instead of just being a straight port, SideQuest also included several improvements of the PC versions, which makes the PSN version bigger and better. While there is no special collector's editions like the PC version, Söldner X: Himmelsstümer provides yet another entertaining and intense gaming experience for the PlayStation 3 console."

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