Are new video game IPs set up to fail?

Are new AAA game IPs being done a disservice by their publishers?

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FallenAngel1984316d ago

It’s a case by case basis than anything encompassing about all new IPs

wonderfulmonkeyman314d ago

Though I will say that, at this point, putting Microtransactions into anything has become a veritable "red flag scenario" for any AAA game, sales-wise.
Mobile games can get away with it, but it's expected to stay out of games we already pay upwards of $60 for, since a lot of the time they hinder normal progress speed to encourage buying the MT's. [yet another reason why Amiibo are not like MT's, as most of their content is none-essential and normal progress isn't purposefully slowed down for their sake]

DeadSilence316d ago


None failed.

caldo444316d ago

Not every new IP is going to fail obviously but I feel like less info is marketed about them and it's harder to find initially that that new game exists as opposed to CoD sequel 15

UltraNova316d ago

They have to start from somewhere right?

Littil_Devil316d ago

Don't forget Nier: Automata and Cuphead.

TheColbertinator315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Nier isn't a new IP.

MrVux000315d ago

Nier is not a new IP. The first game was released back in 2010.

ULTp0ltergeist315d ago

Nothing has changed much with single-player experiences and they haven't lost any audience. Its just new genres are bringing in new gamers with multiplayer-online games earning them more revenue.

FallenAngel1984315d ago

Pretty ignorant to say no new IP ever failed this generation. Yes you can list success stories, but there’s still various failures as well

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Hardiman316d ago

All it takes is a dev with talent, vision and a good work ethic and a publisher that is open to new things and most of the time it works!

HZD, Nioh, Hellblade were just a few of the successful new IP's released in 2017! Next year looks to have even more. Create amazing games and the people will come!

chris235315d ago

only when they are relying heavily on mtiplayer. there is a high chance it will fail. companies like to bet on onlineplay because of avoiding pirate copies and zhe neverending milking ability via transactions and stuff. but fact is only a very small portion of these games get played the way devs like it. everybody i see in my buddy list is playing onlinegames exactly as long as single player content..minus one or two exceptions. after a week max it‘s the next best game that gets played. and i really don‘t know if the devs and publishers of mmorpgs online fps are aware of this. they all want to be wow or halo or whatnot and none of them can reproduce this success. totally crazy mindsets.

Mr Marvel315d ago (Edited 315d ago )

Horizon: Zero Dawn sold well and was my clear GOTY last year above Zelda BotW and SM Odyssey.
New IPs will do fine if they are quality titles, but new IPs that suck will fail... and deservedly so.

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