Hands-on: Knack 2 isn't looking like a big improvement on the first game | GameCrate

GameCrate: "The question just has to be asked: why is Knack even getting a sequel?"

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JonahFalcon172d ago

Minor issue -- the title formatting could be better.

bouzebbal171d ago

Day one and I loved the first one.
It is a model of gamelay.

OB1Biker171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

'Knack 2 isn't looking like a big improvement on the first game'

'I got a chance to play through the combat portion of the demo, and while I didn't play the original Knack, I'd have to say I was pretty underwhelmed with what I saw in this sequel.
Underwhelmed and confused.'

Well I'm the one confused. How can one say its not a big improvement if one hasn't played the first one to start with?

Aceman18171d ago

I enjoyed the first so i have no problems buying the sequel lol.

UCForce172d ago (Edited 172d ago )

Ok, what ? It's have been improved a lot than the original game. Knack 2 have a platform, skill tree and variety of melee combat.

Cmv38171d ago

What games in the past couple years do you find not boring? Just helps with perspective.

Septic171d ago

Don't answer! It's a trap!

UCForce171d ago

Majority will disagree with you, buddy.

freshslicepizza171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

"Majority will disagree with you, buddy."

What do you expect on a site that likely has more users than all of Nintendo platform users, Xbox, and PC users combined by a long shot.

However I do think it looks a lot better than the first Knack.

UCForce171d ago

Knack 2 is not going to win GOTY of course, but people will enjoy this game more than original.

@Moldybread I talk about the others sites who are happy about Knack 2 improvements.

Army_of_Darkness171d ago

@moldy well, the majority of gamers do own a Ps4 after all ;)

On topic, the first game looked very lame I'm not denying that, however this sequel looks a whole lot better!

andrewsquall171d ago

@Army_of_Darkness How does it look a whole lot better than the first game though?

freshslicepizza171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

@Army_of_Darkness1h ago
"well, the majority of gamers do own a Ps4 after all"

So how many Switch/Wii U/ Xbox/ PC gamers are out there? If that number is less than 15 million then you'd have a point because this site has at least 4-1 in favor of PS4 fans.

But again I do think Knack 2 looks a lot better than the last one.

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MegamanXXX171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

So basically this is a Sony fansite. I didn't even notice lmao. Why does it feel like it's more Xbone fans on this site. I get ridiculous pm messages from Xbox fanboys calling me a Sony Fanboy and PC fanboy wtf.

sho0ok171d ago

Maybe because you are LMAO.....

No offense ofc

MegamanXXX171d ago

I haven't been on this site long enough to call me a fanboy :)

sho0ok171d ago

I was just kidding, sorry, didn't mean any thing :)

corroios171d ago

If this game was from another company it would be amazing. Beat Up Bad Guys, Open Doors, Repeat. or another game jump, punch, jump, punch, repeat, punch, punch, punch, repeat...

Cmv38171d ago

Well of course knack sucks, can't break bricks with your head. Lol.

Dissidia171d ago

This is the first impression I've seen stating this. So far the impressions I've seen have praised it for being a welcomed improvement from the first game. (Which my girlfriend and I really enjoyed)

Still interested to play it and make my own judgement

Dlacy13g171d ago

The good news is that preview flat out said, if you enjoyed the first Knack then you will likely enjoy this one. This previewer may also not be a fan of this genre of games and thus how/why his opinion formed as it did. You will know for sure come Sept 5th.

DaDrunkenJester171d ago

Never bothered with the first, still waiting for it to hit PS+...

brokasfawk171d ago

It's like $4 used
It's worth more than that

DaDrunkenJester171d ago

Still just gunna wait for PS+ haha

uth11171d ago

Been hearing that for 3 years now

DaDrunkenJester171d ago

Sucks, right? Just release it haha

UCForce171d ago

@DaDrunkemJestee Overuse joke.

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