Why I can't stop thinking about The Last of Us Part 2

Wired: Naughty Dog's hugely ambitious sequel has numerous flaws, but they're interesting flaws that make it hard to forget and worth playing. Where the original game conquered the uncanny valley to deliver believable, impactful performances, its sequel creates a kind of narrative uncanniness. It's jarring, irksome and – after 25 hours – leaves some players feeling a little cheated. But I still can’t stop thinking about it, which is why you should play it too.

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sampsonon1469d ago

Game of the gen. MASTERPIECE!
Best combat in a 3rd person game I've played in a long long time.

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mandingo1469d ago

Game of the gen hahaha. You’re a jokester.

Redemption-641469d ago

It's his opinion, nothing wrong with him thinking this game is the game of the gen for him

Gameplayer11469d ago

And you are just...one sorry little mandingo critter,lol!

Gameplayer11469d ago

Really feel sorry for you,critter!! Even though you have the rights to have your own opinion,i strongly feel that you and trolls have a lot in common!!!

zackeroniii1469d ago

may i inquire as to what your game of this gen is?

Silly gameAr1469d ago (Edited 1468d ago )


There probably are people that might have actually played the game, that really don't like it on this site, but you're not one of them. I'm more than sure of that.

The game is pretty awesome. If people can get over one death, they would find out that there's a reason that death occurred the way it did, and it shouldn't be a surprise that it was as brutal as it was. Plus, his wasn't the only death in the game. The Last of Us isn't candyland, and the characters aren't happy people walking around handing out lollipops.

It's depressing, brutal, and twisted. If you can't stomach one man dying, and call the whole game trash because of it, well sorry. But those of us that were willing to move on past it with an open mind, probably got more enjoyment out of the story, and the twist and turns throughout.

I thought it was one of the best games I've played this gen.

DigitalHope1468d ago

@mandingo care to share your game of the gen? Or are you still waiting for something on XBox that can compete?

mandingo1468d ago

God of War and the Witcher 3 are my GoTY

sampsonon1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

God of War was a great game for sure. I can see how someone would choose that as their game of the gen. Witcher i would disagree with, but too each their own.

T2X1468d ago

It could be. It was the best game I've played in a long time. But, that's my opinion.

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Gameplayer11469d ago

And yet those retards downvote you! I'm on your side though.

Dragonscale1468d ago

Totally subjective. It was like playing tomb raider but with worse story and characters. 4/10.

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SegaSaturn6691469d ago

I thought Starbound was coming to consoles.

Petebloodyonion1469d ago

I'm enjoying TLOU2 a lot more that I did the #1
Gone are the 40 sec loading screen after a death (how come nobody mention that?)
My NPC buddy feel like helping and contributing in their own way in a fight or trying to find a way.
I don't feel cheated like Tlou1 when stealth killing a human. In this game I can drag him in a corner and perform the kill keeping hidden while in Tlou1 I was forced to kill him in his route pattern and make the corpse a beacon for the next guard alerting the flock and creating 3 extra spawns guards in the map.
Unlike the 1st game, I do feel sorry for the antagonist, (loved the clip that showed Marlene's emotional struggle regarding Tlou1 last scene).

Still The game could have benefit from a shorter game and tighter experience. I don't need 40 min time looking at Dinosaurs, or extra long stage to get from point A-to B so they could repeat a lot of encounters with infected or group.

In the end, It's a wonderful game and yes it does stick with you.

NealGamby1469d ago

You're entitled to your own opinion, however, I feel as though the game needs those 40 minute levels that bond the two characters. It makes what happened pay off. You care more.

mandingo1469d ago

It didn’t pay off tho

Spicyram1469d ago


"It didn’t pay off tho"

😂😂😂 ok if you say so😂😂😂& #128514;😂😂€ 514;😂😂😂

sourOG1469d ago

I agree. I liked those parts but they could have been shorter. The hats and such. I forgave them because at least they weren’t boring. It made me want to go to the museum before they get burned down. It showed how easily we forget as a civilization. The comicon building was an example of short and sweet, just a quick nod that had the same impact.

rainslacker1469d ago

There was a time where I was using an enemy as a bullet shield, dragging him around, and instead of his buddies not attacking, they ended up just shooting him. Surprised the hell out of me. Was in that last section. Dont know of the WLF or Scars would have done the same thing. I didnt use bullet shields too much in the game.

Petebloodyonion1469d ago

It's a small detail that I noticed too,
I often use the body shield when I go for a 2 guys patrol. Have silencer equipped, grab rear guy and silence kill the other guy. Done properly you kill the guy with bullet in head, not done properly the guy turn around and freeze a second leaving a second shot.
The benefit is the no horde risk like 1 guy spotting you or a bunch of guys seeing the corpse.
And most often than not only a lone person will come inspect the corpse and you more than enough time to grab kill as well.
managed to kill 5 persons coming to inspects corpse the 1st time you encounter dog (huge 2 floors house in middle of map).

rainslacker1468d ago

Man...dont know why I never thought to use a silencer like that. Would have been great with those scar patrols. Not that I'm a great shot or anything. Last section of the game, a lot of the enemies couldn't be headshotted because they were helmets.

I did learn to always try to pull enemies out of site before killing them. But keeping them in sight is also a good way to distract them all to that area if you want to flank them and pick off the stragglers while they're all looking the other way

dumahim1468d ago

Yeah, some parts felt a bit too long. Especially when you have no companion for interesting banter to keep you interested while scouring large areas for supplies.

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Magog1469d ago

I saw no flaws. Maybe the flaws are with you, sir.

QuarkZ1468d ago

What a condescending thing to say.

Final_Aeon1468d ago

You liked it, so anyone that disliked it, is inferior or at least so is their opinion. Got it...