NA PlayStation Store March 2018 Flash Sale Is Live, More Than 170 Games Discounted

PlayStation Store has started its monthly flash sale this week. The sale will start from today till the end of the weekend so make sure that you can grab the games that you want before the sale officially ends.

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edeprez133d ago

Super cool, i gotta check it out. That said, i spent like $200 on the PSN in the last month. Even jumped on far cry 5 gold to get the free $15. Maybe i should play what i have.

81BX133d ago

Do not waste your money on killzone... do buy the uncharted collection


With regards to Killzone, I'm shocked that Sony hasn't released a Killzone 2 remaster. That multiplayer was as close to perfect as online shooters can get.

81BX133d ago

Agreed! I really enjoyed it

mafiahajeri132d ago

Would pay full price for that...

affrogamer133d ago

uncharted collection gon be a PS Plus game in a few months

SuperSonic91133d ago

Maybe but I have that great satisfaction of owning my favorite games not renting them. Its wierd.

IamTylerDurden1133d ago

Killzone SF wasn't a great Killzone game, KZ2 and KZ3 were better, but it is still a good game with great visuals and very good multiplayer. I would encourage ppl to purchase Shadow Fall at $4.99.


I honestly don't know what GG was thinking with Shadowfall. You could argue it's the worst game they've ever created.

KZ2 and 3 were classics IMO.

moomoo319132d ago

I think killzone is worth the 5

brando008132d ago

Killzone 2 is the best, and Killzone Shadow Fall is still a great game. Definitely a steal for the price

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dripdrop30132d ago

Not a terrible sale. Picked up a few goodies.

Minute Man 721132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Picked up Metal Slugs Anthology and Hotline Miami 2

Silly Mammo132d ago

Grabbed Dark Souls II...which means it will be a PS+ game next month.