How Nintendo and Naughty Dog won the summer

Thinknum: Our best-selling games of June at GameStop and on Amazon reflect that no Xbox game topped the charts. Meanwhile, Nintendo continues to dominate the industry by having a really high attach rate of select games to a purchase of a new Switch console, which is mighty impressive considering some of these games (while classics) are about to be 3-4 years old soon.

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sushimama1479d ago

When was the last time the other company won anything? Forever 3rd should be their new slogan. Let's hope they can step up their game for next-gen. I still haven't seen a reason to own a series X. Maybe I could be persuaded to own the Series S, but I would have to be blown away by their upcoming games, and they haven't managed to do that to me for the whole entire current generation. I will be watching their upcoming show with optimism, if you can believe that. Please just show a new IP rpg. Don't just please your current fans, try to get NEW ones.

1479d ago
anonymousfan1479d ago

Ouch, man that is hurtful 😆. I think Xbox has great services i.e. good machines, good online services, great subscription service.

But I totally agree with you! Where are the games? I look forward to their next presentation too... Even if I'll probably stick with Sony.

anonymousfan1479d ago

Nintendo is doing great I just wish they would announce their holiday plans. Nothing coming as of now in the near future beyond Paper Mario :(

luckytrouble1479d ago

Especially with this being the year of next gen starting, Nintendo needs to give Switch owners something to be excited about for the last half of 2020. Maybe Breath of the Wild 2 will come out, but it still feels like that's going to be a first half of 2021 title instead. Beyond that, I'm not aware of any announced exclusive that has even been hinted at as being close to release.

King_Noctis1479d ago

I feel that way too. Their marketing strategy is really strange at the moment.

CDbiggen1479d ago

I bet there's some good news coming soon. Maybe another surprise reveal like the paper mario trailer.

King_Noctis1479d ago

I think the fans, like myself, don't want twitter announcement. We all want a meaty general Nintendo Direct which we haven't got one for nearly a year already.


Playing The Last of Us Part II Is Different After Watching The Show

Has HBO’s The Last of Us show changed fans’ thoughts on Naughty Dog’s sequel, The Last of Us Part II? Maybe.

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anast28d ago

"Everyone in the world of The Last of Us sequel is miserable in one way or another. I mean, it’s the end of the world, we understand that, but there came a time when the game felt like it was written by Garth Ennis – and that’s not always a good sign."

It is not close to feeling like Garth Ennis's comic book style. Garth is a good writer and his writing isn't all tension either, and the same with Druckman's Last of Us II. In romantic comedies, there are comedic tension and rejection with bouts of misery. In dramas, there are bouts of comedic relief among tension, which are also in the game and this awareness is a good sign.

In the end, everyone dies and everyone is miserable at some point in time, even more so in an apocalypse. However, life is mixed with happy moments while entropy is moving in the background, such as a nice time with family and laugh shared amongst friends and so on, which are in the game.


The Last of Us Part 2 reportedly PC ready, and has been for months

The development of the The Last of Us Part II PC port has been complete since November 2023, according to a reliable insider

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gold_drake49d ago

probably waiting for the new season to air

just_looken49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Your right as soon as the hype wheel is ready for that show there going to drop it on pc.

But the real question is will this pc port be able to run 1080p on a 4090 as the last naughty dog pc port they helped make it was a dumpster fire.

Like i said before the current naughty dog team is just a glorified port studio but even then they have a hard time actually doing it right.

Yes ps blind boys naughty dog worked on pc ports

neutralgamer199249d ago


Your information is good but you need to stop calling names and start trying to have a real conversation. Fanboys of any product are extreme but that doesn't mean vast majority of gamers are just that "gamers"

RaidenBlack49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

... and the water's wet
But I'd prefer the Uncharted trilogy port over this one, tbh
Just porting Uncharted 4 and 4.5 to PC was not the best idea.

Inverno49d ago

Water isn't wet, but definitely want he Uncharted trilogy on PC.

truthBombs49d ago

Original Uncharted trilogy is my fav of the series. That is a worthy port to PC not 4 imo

just_looken49d ago

No doubt they need more help as the og's left the building so the uncharted 1-3 port would take actual skill/knowledge along with the source code/audio files/voice files.

If only niel D lost didn't loose over 80% of the team that made the company he is "running" and turned into a port studio.

Doge49d ago

It'll probably be announced and released on Friday.

Inverno49d ago

Yeah it could be a game fest announcement and release.

fsfsxii49d ago

Hope the PC crowd enjoy 4 year old leftovers lmao

DustMan49d ago

The PC master race looks down upon you mockingly knowing they are in every way superior gamers to you console simpleton.

ocelot0749d ago

Even the ones that have a £50 dell Optiplex and put in a 1650 that's weaker than a series S?

RaidenBlack49d ago

Atleast they dont make comments like the above.

truthBombs49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

for everytime you say that, the library of PS games on PC grows bigger. This year, Helldivers 2, Horizon Forbidden West, Ghost of Tsushima, GOW Ragnarok has a release date for this year and now TLOU2? Hmm.

Potentially 6 titles in one year. It keeps stacking.

Aphrodia49d ago

DON'T FORGET ABOUT CONCORD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

Cockney49d ago

Pc guys are loving it right now, banger after banger its one hell of a year

just_looken49d ago

If only the new sony leadership was not hell bent on region locking down there pc games to avoid better sales and get more ps accounts even though pc players do not want a jank exposed ps account that has all there personal info ready for another data breach and or just gets sold off.

I still and will never link my old ps account to my steam account the sony tos is to strict i do not want to get my ps account banned because i left my vpn on or sony things rgb is a hacker tool or some other BS.

Tedakin48d ago

When TLOU2 is announced, Spider-Man 2 will be pretty much the only notable PS5 first party game not on PC.

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FPS_D3TH49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Lmao you probably bought this twice because ps5 have nothing good to play. My backlog of games is too big for me to even care it exists on PC let alone how bad the first one launched on PC. Sony wouldn’t be releasing it on pc if they didn’t need $$$