The Most Underrated Games of 2019


We're just a day away from a whole new year — no, a whole new decade! We've discussed the best games of the year: action games, strategy games, fighting games, and indie games. We've even taken a glimpse back at the decade in gaming. There are so many great games, though, that along the way, some really good titles get overlooked and are lost in the shuffle.

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isarai428d ago

How is metro exodus underrated? Highly marketed, sold well, and very well received.

My pick for underrated games are Outward, and Judgment. Friggin great games

bouzebbal428d ago (Edited 428d ago )

My pick would be days gone.. Bought it with zero expectations, I can't let go of it

S2Killinit428d ago (Edited 428d ago )

Not sure DG would be considered “underrated” since it got solid reviews, and sold like hotcakes. There were those who attempted to rain on its parade but I think the general consensus among gamers was very positive.

I also played the heck out of it. I even couldnt let go once i was done with the story.

bouzebbal428d ago

@S2 :
I just bought it under a month ago, I haven't followed the reviews but I heard some big sites down voted it big time..
It's a sick game, I'm amazed by the level of detail and actually solid gameplay in it.. I thought in the first place that it's a Dead Nation in 3d from the e3 gameplay sequences where you only for hordes.. That's Def not the case and that's what surprised me in a very good way. Story is solid too..

TheSanchezDavid428d ago

Days Gone seems like something I'd enjoy for about five hours and then probably stop playing.

rdgneoz3427d ago

@S2 It got rave reviews from gamers, but big name sites gave it low ratings for things that other games get passes on. White male lead? Negative points for that... Lots of missions and a good length to it? Negative points because it's bloated and should have been a shorter game... Post apocalyptic world? Should have been more engaging... When they try to have an engaging mission to give backstory or meaning to characters, it's boring... IGN gave it a 6.5, Gamespot a 5, Destructiod a 5, SixthAxis a 6... Average critic review is 7.1 while gamer review is 8.1.

Same thing with Death Stranding having critics bash it to rain on the parade while gamers are loving it. IGN was pissed and you could tell in their People's Choice Award... "Few games this year divided IGN's staff - and players in general - more than Death Stranding. That was evident in the wide range of critical reviews of the game, our own staff's perspective, and even in our People's Choice awards polling. While Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Resident Evil 2 were close runners-up, enough Death Stranding players preferred Kojima's Snake-free take on the apocalypse that it overtook those games."

Many "journalists" are just releasing click bait articles without even playing all of the game or just seeing what will get them the most hits. So while they may be underrated in review scores, they aren't always by gamers.

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paulust2002428d ago

The words overrated and underrated are over used. Seems like a weird trend right now.

paulust2002428d ago

I hear you, too long and thought last area ruined it but apart from that I was so immersed. Kind of captured 'the fun' of an apocalypse. Hoping a next gen sequel will happen

LucasRuinedChildhood428d ago

Metro Exodus is definitely underrated. It was nominated for almost nothing in most end of the year discussions.

SyntheticForm428d ago

Am I the only one who really enjoyed Jedi: Fallen Order?

I sorta feel like this game isn't getting enough recognition, and is sorta underrated.

I thought it was a great game on all counts. Hope Respawn continue with it.

TheSanchezDavid428d ago

I feel like it got a lot of buzz, but at the same time, it came out in the later part of the year when everyone's busy trying to pick their favorites.

TheSanchezDavid428d ago

Don't know much about Outward. Judgment looked really cool, though! Haven't played it yet but I really want to check it out!

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Mr_Commander428d ago

how is the Rage underrated? this game has just combat and that it is. one of the worst AAA title this year.

underrated is Judgment, Days Gone, Outer Wilds..

RazzerRedux428d ago

I enjoyed Rage 2. Shallow open world shooter, but it was fun. Certainly don't think it was the worst AAA this year. Not when you've got Crackdown 3 and Anthem vying for that title.

Christopher428d ago

I'd put Rage 2 and Crackdown 3 on the same level. Anthem I think deserves the title of disappointment of the year.

RazzerRedux428d ago

Yeah.....Anthem was pretty bad. Crackdown 3 wasn't horrible, wasn't good either. Personally, I have a hard time including Rage 2 in that discussion. The gameplay was really solid. Of course, I was a big fan of Mad Max as well.

Elda428d ago

Agreed. I just bought Rage 2 dlc which I'll be playing during my 20 day vac break from work.

Christopher428d ago

Rage 2 story was really disappointing. Gameplay was fine, but that story was just bad bad bad.

RazzerRedux428d ago

Wait.......Rage 2 had a story?!?

TheSanchezDavid428d ago

I still kiiiinda want to play Crackdown 3. Haha

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TheRealTedCruz428d ago

Days Gone is the only game I regretted purchasing after I picked up a Pro.

paulust2002428d ago

I'd say to give it another chance if you didn't go though it. Really is a take your time, headphones on kind of game I think.

TheRealTedCruz428d ago


I'm gonna give it another go at some point. I don't mind slow-starting games. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one of my favorites; but I just didn't feel that hook with Days Gone.

TheSanchezDavid427d ago

To me, Days Gone always looked just okay. Like, fine, but nowhere near remarkable.

isarai428d ago

I feel like im the crazy one for thinking Rage 2 was super fun when i see everyone else hated it it apparently.

TheSanchezDavid428d ago

Outer Wilds almost felt like a sleeper hit that ultimately got a bunch of media attention and made a lot of people's top 10 and GOTY lists.


Days gone is one of the most overrated games of all time

RazzerRedux427d ago

I didn't think so. The overall metacritic rating was 71. Not great, not bad. Just good. That is about right, imo.

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Abnor_Mal428d ago

It's surprising that Days Gone is not charting on any of these end of the year list for underrated, worst, and disappointing game of the year. When the game was ready to release the wolves of gaming journalism tries to rip its throat out. It was picked a part by the vultures that lurk on gaming websites across the internet.

Metro Exodus is considered underrated even though it reviewed well and was on more platforms.

"In addition, single player shooters are kind of a hard sell in 2019. Even then, the game has managed to sell and review well. That said, it almost feels like it was quickly forgotten about and tucked away. Given its attention to detail and superb gameplay, Metro Exodus should be right up there with the best of the best AAA titles of the year."

I had no hopes for Rage2, as I did not enjoy the first one, only payable because it was very early in the generation and there was not that much else that looked interesting.

LucasRuinedChildhood428d ago (Edited 428d ago )

"When the game was ready to release the wolves of gaming journalism tries to rip its throat out. It was picked a part by the vultures that lurk on gaming websites across the internet." Not overdramatic at all.

Abnor_Mal428d ago

I actually wrote and deleted twice before posting which had a bit more dramatics but hardly "over".


NeoGamer232427d ago

For some reason the gaming press really likes to beat up on the open world zombie games. Days Gone, State of Decay 2, and Deadrising3/4 were all great open world zombie games for me and they all got beat up in gaming journalism.

Abnor_Mal427d ago

Journalist go after zombie games like zombies goes after human brains/flesh.

TheSanchezDavid427d ago

To be fair, there's definitely zombie fatigue. But a part of the problem is that, at least sometimes, new zombie games are promoted as the next big thing or the evolution of the genre, only to deliver a standard or underwhelming experience.

Abnor_Mal427d ago

Okay that may be true, but to also be fair, the same thing can be said about many various genres. There's first/third person shooter, battle royale, service based games that all have fatigue yet none are picked apart clean like zombie games, Days Gone to be precise. Many also promoted as the next big thing or new mechanic that will be revolutionary but still deliver a standard or underwhelming experience, Dying Light for example. In part two will the free running aspect be anything special or will it just feel like another zombie game. Will it get shredded or praised for an already used gimmick.

TheSanchezDavid427d ago

Def a fair point. I didn't play Days Gone so I can't comment much on it aside from saying it didn't pique my particular interest. I'd prob give a play at some point if it was discounted. But there's way more stuff that came out this year that I'm actually interested in playing.

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