Tropes vs. Women ends the series with a look at female sidekicks

After more than four years, Feminist Frequency’s Tropes vs. Women in Video Games series has come to a close. Host Anita Sarkeesian sends the show out with little fanfare, focusing the final installment on the sorry state of “lady sidekicks” in games.

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chrisx416d ago

This woman needs to disappear

gorebago416d ago

she has... she's irrelevant now

DefenderOfDoom2415d ago (Edited 415d ago )

To me she was irrelevant back then , meaning i felt her videos were videos about video games and females, was just one person's opinion and that was it . I think people on the internet kinda of made her popular thru basically, just by talking about her, good or bad, a lot . I moved on from her videos after watching a few, back like 4 years ago .

inveni0415d ago

I've never heard of her, so she practically never existed in the first place.

RommyReigns416d ago

*This woman needs to go to the middle east and central Asia

Fixed :)

AnubisG415d ago

But she is not fighting for feminism or equality. She just pretends to do it where it's safe and comfy to make money while at the same time trying to ruin the hobby of millions and making man feel ashamed just because they are men. She is completely insane. I'll just end it with one of her most famous quotes;

"Everrrrything is sexist, everrrything is racists, everrrrrrrything is homophobic and you have to point it all out!"

Nu415d ago

Send her to the boars of the middle east. They will have a ham of a time.
Meanwhile Isis surprised by boars killing a few

TekoIie415d ago

Wow it's ended??? 3 years late is it?

Hellforged_Savant415d ago

Agreed. Perhaps once she does, we can start to actually talk and examine these subjects without someone like her turning the whole thing into a farce. That's the sad thing here, the idea of her series has merit. She just royally fucked things up so badly that any attempt to discuss them becomes a complete farce.

TWB415d ago

Well... I will kind of miss her. At the end of this series, poking fun at Anita was becoming a new campfire hobby thing.

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UCForce416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

She is bad at presenting of feminists. She doesn't deserve to be leader of them. I will say this again, Anita is not the real feminist. She only care about money and herself.

-Foxtrot416d ago

The real feminist which actually presents her views in the best way possible

Stuck up for GamerGate aswell and went against Anita.

UCForce416d ago

Like I said, even the feminist will against her for being a fool.

drizzom416d ago

Based Mom telling it like it is.

mixelon415d ago

There are lots of different types of feminist and feminism. She's no more "real" than Anita.

Much like there are different types of gamer. No true Scotsman bs doesn't help, people have different opinions.

madjedi415d ago

Yes mixelon their are multiple types of feminists, the ones who ignore the sexual assault and rapes statistic skyrocketing in Europe with the migrants flooding in or who attack other women as islamophobic for daring to point it out.

The man haters, and the celebrities that are using it to get dumb women to buy even more of their products, the leeches like anita that goad stupid guilty whites/men into giving them money.

And you have "real" feminists like ayan hersy ali or Christina hoff summers, that actually call out the pretenders on their bullshit or face death threats for daring to shine a light on some of the barbaric practices that contine to this day in the muslim world like female genital mutilation.

Meanwhile most of you activists or beta males will crusade against sexist air conditioning or other utter trivial micro aggression, and completely gloss over real women suffering in europe or the middle east at the hands of real sexists that abuse women.

"There are lots of different types of feminist and feminism" And the vast majority are worthless.

Nice try the different types of gamer involves the genres, generally speaking they are still called out on being an asshole regardless of what sub group they can be defined in.

Feminism like many other leftist advocacy groups are dying off, because a lot of people are realizing it is doing more to harm their life/goals than help it.

RommyReigns415d ago

'Hipsters with cultural degree studies' hahahaha!

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mixelon415d ago

They aren't a freaking army, she wasn't their "leader". 😂

Aither415d ago

Sad that Niel Druckmann is a fan of hers even as she critisizes his games. Just goes to show you can never please a modern feminist even after you adhere to her desires.

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XiNatsuDragnel416d ago

Women like this, all women aren't this, so are men are or aren't like this. Sigh this is what we call humanity.

Injusticewarrior416d ago

Wtf did you just try to say?

spicelicka416d ago

I've read it 10 times, still can't figure out.

Lynx0207416d ago

You don't get it. His sentence is pure poetry.

XiNatsuDragnel415d ago

Yep pure poetry of SJWs and Women everywhere. Get it it's nonsensical

Littil_Devil416d ago

And absolutely nothing of value was lost.

SaveFerris416d ago

I wonder what her next scam will be?

rainslacker415d ago (Edited 415d ago )

Making millions on the lecture circuits. Sad that despite her lack of any successful inititave that wasn't completely and falsely made up, that she is given so much respect and credit by those who wish to be enlightened, or gains money off those who enjoy being told only what they want to hear to validate their own insecurities.

Truthfully, Tropes vs Women hasn't been her main source of income, or even biggest claim to fame. It was just the springboard which allowed her to exploit others....and funny enough, she wasn't even the mastermind behind it. Go look up what feminist frequency is, and who were it's principal founders, and you will see this whole controversy was completely manufactured to happen like this from the very beginning, and part of the gaming press was part of it....hence Gamergate(which involved more than this). It's pretty sad all that got swept under the rug, just so a few people could become rich and popular.

fluxmulder415d ago

She'll be running this same scam on another subject matter.