GamesRadar: Kane & Lynch: How it feels to be critically panned

Bad games. How dare developers inflict them upon us? Whether it's through a critical panning or the righteous retribution of the internet, the people responsible for these insults deserve everything they get, right?

Wrong. You see, while no-one likes a disappointing game, what may just seem a quick, innocent ALL CAPS forum post is also a savage indictment on several years of blood, sweat, tears and inhumanly late nights in the life of another human being. So GamesRadar wanted to give the devs a chance to let them know just how a bad review feels. They wanted to humanise the game-making process and show you the flip-side to the fallout of a bad critical reception.

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Veronica Belmont3720d ago

I have fond memories of trying to play this online but getting disconected from the host, even though I was the host :s. And the story didnt exactly live up to the games title.

kittoo3720d ago

I know I might be minority, but I liked the game. Agree that there were some technical problems and controls could have been better, but characters and story were quite good in my opinion. Those were enough to keep me playing till the end. I think that the game didnt deserve scores less than a 6 or 7.