Hands-on / X-Blades


"Playing X-Blades for the first time I felt a little awkward. It wasn't because the controls were poor or the screen at SouthPeak's booth was at a funny angle, it was because Ayumi, the lead character of the game, has nothing covering her private parts but a thong. This isn't a normal thong either, it's one of the smallest thongs ever, so the entire time you're playing you're staring at her naked anime style posterior. Now this wouldn't be such a bad thing in the privacy of your own home, but on a show room floor, with a female handler explaining that Ayumi is a kick-ass adventure who wears nothing but a thong, it makes you feel a bit perverted. Plus, how am I supposed to tag this with a whimsical word I made up? Assicle? It doesn't work!"

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