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What Are You Playing? Episode 4

74d ago - Game Tangents | Here's a look at some of the games we talked about in the Game Tangents Podcast 8... | PC

Fanservice Fiesta: Scarlet Blade for PC

79d ago - Game Tangents | Fanservice Fiesta typically covers anime of the more “suggestive” variety, but in... | PC

Top 10 Hottest Babes in MMO

81d ago - You’re not here to see read some long and trite introduction to this article. You’re also not her... | PC

Top 10 Most Scantily Dressed Babes

329d ago - SuperCheats looks over the history of games and the most revealing girls throughout the years. Ev... | Culture

Destiny The Game

Now - Explore Mars, Rediscover Venus, Reclaim the moon, Protect Earth. Become Legend. The wait is over! Destiny is now available to play, Pick up your... | Promoted post

New MMO Games 2013

395d ago - Looking for open beta and newly launched MMO games? Here is a simple and quick list that can help... | PC

Scarlet Blade to Expand Its Service to Germany

395d ago - Having been sought after so many fans in North America, Scarlet Blade (Queen's Blade) will expand... | PC

Angels Everywhere: Scarlet Blade Enchanting Screenshots

410d ago - MMOsite: Everyone wants to see an angel. Better yet, why not be an Angel?! Scarlet Blade held an... | PC

Scarlet Blade Mobile Game is Available In Google Play

464d ago - The mobile version of the official Queen's Blade game, now known as Scarlet Blade, is now availab... | Android

Free to Play Unlimited Ep. 36: Hardware Shipbreakers, Scarlet Blade, Dragons Prophet, Mabinogi 2

470d ago - In this episode the makers of the acclaimed Homeworld series reveal the free RTS Hardware Shipbre... | PC

Level Cap Increase In Scarlet Blade

473d ago - Aeria Games are proud to announce an exciting variety of brand new features in their mature MMORP... | PC

Queen's Blade (Scarlet Blade) Adds Male Character in Taiwan

482d ago - Scarlet Blade is an action MMORPG features female-only playable characters. According to players'... | PC

Recommended MMOs 2P in April 2013

518d ago - Recommended MMOs 2P (means to play) is a monthly column article aims to recommend you the latest... | PC

High Quality Korean MMOs Stage A Comeback to Western Market

520d ago - Until 2012, the Korean video game industry generated more export revenue than all other Korean co... | PC

MMO Grinder Snidequest: Scarlet Blade

531d ago - BT writes: MMO Grinder Snidequest: Scarlet Blade, You call it a shameless ploy at grabbing the... | PC

Scarlet Blade Open Beta Has Started

537d ago - Latest online games from Aeriagames the Scarlet Blade phase trials have ended on March 26, 2013 l... | PC

Scarlet Blade Review | GameHaunt

538d ago - The truth is, I love the game not because of it’s mature theme, but because of it’s beautiful and... | PC

Free to Play Unlimited Ep. 31: Hearthstone, Marvel Heroes, Warframe, Soldier Front 2, Scarlet Blade

539d ago - Free To Play Unlimited Episode 31 Published on March 25, 20130 Free To Play Unlimited wit... | PC

Does Scarlet Blade's racy clothing and large breasts push gaming back?

540d ago - With Aeria Games' MMO having a more adult feel, does the game's obvious regard to sex selling pus... | PC

Scarlet Blade Review: A Revolution in Mature Gaming | Unigamesity

543d ago - Aeria Game’s new MMORPG features a futuristic world, where basically only female engineered soldi... | PC

This Game Wants To Sell Sex But Doesn't Seem To Have Any

544d ago - What the heck is Scarlet Blade and why does it want me to think I will get lucky when I play it? | PC

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post

Scarlet Blade Introduces a New MMO’s Genre: SexFi

547d ago - Scarlet Blade explores and abuses the concept of “female character” by creating extremely unnatur... | PC

Scarlet Blade boobs, butts NSFW Character customization video

548d ago - Aeria released a new story trailer for their rather suggestive Scarlet Blade MMO which is bound t... | PC

Scarlet Blade – First look at Closed Beta phase | MMOsite Preview

549d ago - An adult online game in South Korea (those under aged 19 can still play, with everything censore... | PC

Scarlet Blade Closed Beta Test Door Has Opened Wide

550d ago - Aeria Games has begun the closed beta test for Scarlet Blade. After incorporating the feedback fr... | PC

New Customization Trailer For Scarlet Blade

566d ago - Aeria Games, a leading publisher of free-to-play MMO games, have just released a new customizatio... | PC
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