E3 2015 Wishlist: What We Want From Star Fox Wii U


We’re still not sure what Star Fox really looks like or how exactly it will play, but pending any surprise delays we know it is coming this year, which makes E3 2015 the perfect platform to show it off. It’s been a long time since we’ve played a first-party Star Fox title (the last one was Star Fox 64) and we’ve got some hopes and aspirations for the series.

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Moonman1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

Great informative article from Game Informer. Everything they suggested sounds great. Nintendo should include Star Fox 2 as an un-lockable or part of the new "Club Nintendo" prizes.

jsslifelike1085d ago (Edited 1085d ago )

Nintendo SHOULD have been leveraging their back catalog this whole time. Digital eShop purchases should have been met with an email offering a Virtual Console entry in that same series. This accomplishes (2) things: (1) it builds anticipation and, who knows- maybe it even fills in back story and educates younger gamers and (2) gets consumers accustomed to using the service for their retro needs.

Nintendo is perhaps the most fortunate in the gaming space to have so many back catalog games associated with them --both first and third-party-- and they SHOULD use that to its fullest potential.

Germany71085d ago

Nintendo could explore more the universe and the characters, like the article said, it's interesting to know what happened with the original Star Fox Team: Fox's dad, Peppy and Pigma, side-quest missions would be great for that matter.

I would like missions on feet with the squad again, i liked that feature from Assault, of course the missions with the Arwing should be the main feature of the game.
Let's hope for a release this year, there are not so many details about it, but Nintendo said they will release before Zelda, so there is still hope.

The 10th Rider1085d ago

People may hate me for this, but I wouldn't mind if the foot missions took cues from Metroid Other M's style of gameplay. You could switch out between the different squad members on the fly, each with different abilities, speed, attack power, etc...

Either way, any foot gameplay really needs to nail a good fast paced action tone.

N4g_null1084d ago

The only thing that bother me about other m was the story really. It was like gears of war in a weird way.